Let’s Talk Consignment Sales!

I am so happy to have Heather from Terrell Family Fun guest posting today. It’s been quite some time since she guest posted here and I am so happy that she here’s again!


Before I was pregnant, I had never been to a consignment sale and honestly didn’t know they even had them. When I heard about the large children’s consignment sales in my area, I was so excited!

7 tips for a consignment sale

JBF Fort Worth: 75,000 square feet of kids and maternity items!!

I love to shop and buy anything and everything for my daughter, but I’m always looking for a deal! So while I was pregnant I attended two different consignment sales. I was in bargain hunter’s heaven! The biggest thing I was seeing at the sale though, was that the best stuff is gone so fast, before any pre-sales and public ever get to shop. The key was to either sell your items and/or volunteer. So I decided to do just that the next time around. The first sale I made about $350 and the second sale I made almost $550! I spent approximately $175 at each sale, so I still made more than I spent (that’s my goal!). If you haven’t shopped or sold at a consignment sale, you should really check it out.

I thought I would put together some tips and steps together for everyone in case you are interested in trying it out yourself!

7 tips for a consignment sale

 1. Gather all your items you want to sell. I try to pull all the clothes out and re-wash them all, checking for stains and treating where necessary. I gather all toys and clean them to make them look fresh and as new as possible. If you have a spare room in your house, it’s a great place to keep everything while you are going through the process.

7 tips for a consignment sale

2. Sort, Price, Hang, Tag. This is what I do with all the clothing.

Sort: I sort out what I’m going to sell and make outfits. Outfits usually sell better than single pieces. Keep same size items together and make the most out of the brands you have! Note: You can sell maternity items as well!

Price: I then price all the items. I sit down with the clothes and enter it all into the system right then, but some people find it easier to write it all down first, whichever works for you! The guideline is usually 60-70% off retail price, so for example a carters outfit $4-5, Pajamas $3-4 (I tend to bundle a few together so the price can go higher), bathing suit $3-4, shoes $3-5, toys can range from $1 to $30 depending on what they are and how big/expensive. Brand matters as well!  Brand is one thing I love about the sales. I can buy better brands of clothing than I normally buy at a much cheaper price!

Hang and Tag: Most sales have rules on how to hang (what direction, type of hanger, etc.) and how to tag, so make sure you follow those! I use metal and plastic child size hangers and safety pin the clothes to the hanger, so that nothing can fall off and be lost.

3. Toys and Baby Equipment: I do the same – clean, price, tag. Some toy, such as rattles; get put into zip lock bags so that pieces can’t be lost.

4. Consigner Drop-off: At the sales I have gone to, you have to bring your items during a specific time and put the items out on the floor/racks on your own. Prepare for this to take a few hours.

7 tips for a consignment sale

5. Volunteer: These sales are run by volunteers, so every hour you can help out, makes a big difference! I volunteer as a cashier. I love seeing all the great deals that people get! Volunteering also gets me in a presale that is before the consigner pre-sale!

6. SHOP TIL YOU DROP! I love this part! If you have a large item in mind that you really want, go towards that first so that you make sure to get the best selection. I then go through toys, shoes and clothes last. I am usually there for 3-4 hours. I like taking my time and hunting for some great bargains. During the pre-sales, no children are allowed, so it’s a great way to relax and have some mommy time!

7 tips for a consignment sale

7. Track your sales online and wait for your paycheck!

That’s it! It really is not too difficult; just try not to leave all the prep work until the last minute. I tend to do this, but even with only a few days left, I get it all done, no problem! I will be selling, volunteering and of course SHOPPING at the end of August and will make sure to blog about it after, so keep your eyes out on my blog!

Heather is a Montessori Mom to Lennox, Blogger, Designer and a toes in the sand girl at heart! I traveled across the country from Cape Cod to meet my husband and now we raise our little family in Fort Worth, Texas.

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  1. says

    I live for consignment sales! I was first introduced to them via MOPS when my kids were babies, and I wish I had known about them BEFORE buying and registering for so much baby stuff. They are PERFECT for pregnant mamas. Now I mostly sell. At the last JBF sale here outside Houston, I thought I wouldn’t make as much because I had no big baby gear left to sell. But I had clothes and toys galore, and I netted over $400. Well worth my time.
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  2. Sandi says

    One other tip is after you have tagged everything, to group like sizes an items together in the bins (if I have multiple sizes of clothes, I alternate the direction of the hangers). This makes unloading when you get to the sale MUCH easier!


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