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Chocolate Chip Muffins

The kids have been having a lot of fun helping me out in the kitchen. They love to help me bake, especially if it’s something they know they will eat for dessert! Plus, getting them in the kitchen is a great learning opportunity: practicing counting, measurement, and even a little science! One of the kids’ favorite [...]

edible easter nests-3

Edible Easter Nests with WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS

Spring has finally sprung around here! And the Easter bunny will be hippty hoppity-ing to our house soon! We have been getting the house Easter ready this week. The bunnies are out.  The eggs have been found to be hidden again. And the candy has started to flow in! I have seen so many cute ideas [...]

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Be Kind to Your Skin with Simple®

I learned at a very early age that I had sensitive skin. And that I would always have. Dyes cause irritation. Fragrances? Let’s not even go there. I know what to stay away from and have a hard time finding the perfect products that won’t make me break out all over. This weekend, Walgreens invites you on [...]

brewhouse inn-10 (1)

Brewhouse Inn & Suites | #Milwaukee

This past weekend, I stayed at the coolest hotel…ever. Before I go any further, let me say, I am in no way being compensated for this review. It really is just that cool. Now that we have that out of the way. Let me give you a little background on this historic hotel. The Brewhouse Inn & [...]

My Love-Hate Relationship with

My Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook

By now, you have heard from many of your favorite bloggers about the changes that Facebook is making to our Facebook pages. They are making it harder and harder for anyone to see the updates from the pages they like. I mean you liked them for a reason and now Facebook is deciding for you if [...]

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More Posts from this Category

oreo pops -8

Spring Oreo Pops

Some how I managed to get myself involved in my son’s PTA. Some how, I have quickly learned, that I don’t know how to say no. But it’s ok! Being involved in the school means I know what is going on and I get to be present in the school for special events. My latest [...]


#GetCovered America!

The cost of healthcare is on a steady rise, and until recently, many went without because they couldn’t handle fitting it into their budget. The uninsured spent years were spent avoiding doctors, letting illnesses get out of hand. What could have been an easy remedy to a simple problem becomes a debilitating because it was [...]


ZipStix | Review & Giveaway

When I was Toy Fair 2014, I saw a ton of new products that were going to be hitting the shelves this year. One of those were ZipStix by Hog Wild. As soon as the package arrived, the boys were eager to rip open the packages and play! So how do they work? ZipStix remind me of [...]

spring clean your blog

Spring Clean Your Blog

It’s the first day of Spring which means you are probably busy cleaning out your closets and deep cleaning your house. But don’t just stop there. Don’t forget to do a little spring cleaning on your blog! Clean Up Your Sidebar Take a look at your sidebar. Is it getting cluttered? Do you have outdated [...]

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