Call for Sponsors {May}

Conference season is quickly approaching! I will be attending Bloggy Boot Camp 2012: Philly and BlogHer ’12 NYC this year. You probably wouldn’t believe me, but these are my very first blogging conferences…EVER! Shocked? I know, me too.

I was lucky enough to win a ticket to Bloggy Boot Camp thanks to McDonald’s Philly {muah!}. But, BlogHer, that’s all on me! Anyone else who is attending understands the costs that this mega-conference entails. I will be paying for my ticket, hotel, gas, parking, and more all on my own!


Here’s where you come in.  To cover some of my costs, I have the following available:

  • Conference sponsor packages for businesses or companies who are interested in working with me. {E-mail me for details}.
  • Opened up more ad spaces for bloggers and etsy shoppes. Rates are currently discounted! I am also offering two FREE 125×125 ad spaces for the first 2 people who use promo code FREEMAY for a tall ad.

I'll be wearing cute shoes to BlogHer '12

You can purchase ad spots below OR on the Advertise page.

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