Fall Home Decor Ideas

The weather is getting cooler. The leaves are starting to turn and fall. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks. Fall is here!

Fall is a season that beckons us to embrace its natural beauty and bring its warmth indoors. With a little creativity and a few well-chosen decor elements, you can create a space that captures the essence of fall and makes your home a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Tips for Decorating this Fall

Chose a Warm and Earthy Color Palette
The foundation of any good fall decor scheme is a warm and earthy color palette. Rich, deep hues like burgundy, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and forest green create an instant sense of coziness. These colors can be incorporated through various means, including wall paint, throw pillows, curtains, and accent pieces. Consider painting an accent wall in a deep autumnal shade to make a bold statement, or introduce small touches of these colors through decor items like candles, vases, or artwork.

Layered Textiles

When it comes to fall decor, textiles are your best friend. Layering is key to creating a cozy atmosphere, so introduce throw blankets, plush rugs, and textured cushions to your living spaces. Choose materials like wool, faux fur, and flannel to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. Drape soft blankets over sofas and chairs, and place thick rugs underfoot to add depth and warmth to the room.

Front Porch Decor

Don’t forget to welcome the season at your front door. Dress up your porch with fall-inspired decor. Place a seasonal doormat, arrange potted mums, and hang a wreath on the door. Incorporate cozy outdoor seating with throw pillows and blankets to create an inviting space where you can enjoy the crisp autumn air.

Ready to decorate for fall? These 10 easy ideas will have your home ready for the season in no time.

Fall Home Decor Ideas

fall tablescape

(source: Better Homes and Gardens)

1. Pumpkins and CandlesticksThis is a really simple tablescape created with black candlesticks and white pumpkins. You could make your own antique pumpkins to use year after year. You could also switch out the pumpkins seasonally and use the candlesticks year round.

fall tablescape

(source: The Iron Stone Nest)

2. Wheat in Terracotta Pots: This would be great on the Thanksgiving table! It’s so simple and adds height to your table.I really love the understated color scheme with the burlap runner, white pumpkins, and tan place settings.

burlap wreath-6

3. Burlap Wreath: I am so glad I made this burlap wreath last year! It has been a timesaver each season. You can simply switch out the decorative picks for each season.


(source: AKA Designs)

4. Rustic Burlap Banner: A simple way to dress up your mantle! I love the white vases and pitchers on the ends anchoring the mantle. These are versatile and you could switch them up each season by adding branches or leaves.

5. Seasonal Floral Arrangements: Fresh flowers and foliage can easily evoke the essence of fall. Consider creating your own floral arrangements with flowers like sunflowers, dahlias, and chrysanthemums. Complement these blooms with branches of dried eucalyptus or wheat to add texture and a natural look. Place your arrangements in vases or mason jars to enhance the rustic charm of your decor.

6. Cozy Reading Nooks: Fall is the ideal time to create a cozy reading nook in your home. Select a corner with ample natural light, and furnish it with a comfortable armchair, a plush throw blanket, and a small bookshelf stocked with your favorite autumn reads. Place a side table nearby for a hot cup of tea or cocoa. It’s a perfect space to enjoy the changing season and relax with a good book.

fall door decor

(source: The Mc Life)

7. Welcome FallThis is my ideal front porch fall decor! I wish our front steps were just a little bit bigger to recreate this. Mums, pumpkins, and a fall leaf wreath makes your home welcoming and inviting. 


(source: Three Pixie Lane)

8. Rustic Entryway: This one is just way too perfect! From the framed chalkboard to the wood table to the fresh pumpkins, I am in love with this look!

Decorating with Dough bowls[5]

(source: Sand & Sisal)

9. Dress Up the HearthThe hearth of the fireplace can sometimes get over looked. It has to compete with the mantle. Draw the eye downward with these dough bowls filled with pumpkins!


(source: Popcorn Served Daily)

10. Hutch Makeover: I don’t know why I never thought to give the hutch in my kitchen a makeover each season. But you can guess what I’ll be doing this week!

With the arrival of fall, there’s no better time to refresh your home with a warm and inviting decor scheme. By incorporating elements like a rich color palette, textured textiles, and iconic fall symbols like pumpkins and wreaths, you can create a cozy and stylish sanctuary for the season.

Whether you choose to embrace fall with DIY projects or invest in new decor pieces, the key is to infuse your home with the spirit of autumn.

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