10 Halloween Crafts for Kids

One of my favorite holidays is coming soon….Halloween! We are a house divided when it comes to Halloween. I love it! The hubster does not. But that doesn’t stop me from doing some Halloween crafts with the kids, decorating the house, and planning their costumes in April.

I have been trying to find some activities to keep Ethan preoccupied during the day and I couldn’t resist some of these Halloween Crafts for kids!

10 Halloween Crafts for Kids

10 halloween crafts for kids

Spider Pops –  We are definitely going to make these lollipops for Ethan to hand out to his friends at school. I know he will love to make these and will be proud to give them out!

spider pops{source}

Painted Jar Luminaries – I just love how these look and can see them on our front steps Halloween Night. Plus, I think E would have a lot of fun painting them!

halloween painted jar luminaries{source}

 Cone Witch – How cute is she? I think this one is more for me than the kids!

cone witch{source}

Halloween Egg Carton Crafts  – I love a craft that is made with things you can find around the house. We only have a few eggs left until we can try this one out!


Hanging Bats – These are so cute! Makes me wish we had a tree out front to hang them off of.

halloween hanging bats{source}

Skeleton Flag  – Ethan has already been pointing out the skeletons hanging at his school so I think he would enjoy making his own out of QTips!

skeleton flag{source}

Paper Plate Ghost – I just picked up a Halloween craft book in the Target Dollar section last week. Ethan flipped through looking at the different crafts and this is the one that he begged to do first, a Paper Plate Ghost!

paper plate ghosts{source}

 Stained Glass Window Decoration – This is a simple craft with endless possibilities! This will give Ethan a chance to do a little decorating of his own!

stained glass window decoration{source}

Hand Print Spider – This is one that Benny can get in on!

hand print spider{source}

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters – Every one has toilet paper rolls laying around the house! Ethan is already obsessed with them {“They make good telescopes, Mom!”} so I know he will enjoy this craft.

toilet paper roll monsters{source}

What are your favorite Halloween Crafts for Kids?

Looking for more Halloween crafts? Check out my Upcycled Monsters and Halloween Luminaries!

upcycled little monsters-2

halloween luminaries for kids

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  1. I love the painted luminaries and also the q-tip skeleton. These are so much fun and since my son is always asking if he can “do a project” after school, I think we’ll be doing quite a few of these! What an awesome link-up idea!

  2. Love those lumanaries! I will have to save our peanut butter and mayo jars and let the kids make them sometime this month.

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