10 Things To Do in the Snow

We have reached the time of year I dread. Snow season. We were teased with the delay in the snow and now it seems like it’s always in the forecast. Our first snow of the season was a major one, dumping almost 3 feet of snow overnight.

Sure the kids were excited. But, as parent, you know what’s coming. School closings and delays. The thing I hate the most? The waiting game. Will we have school? Won’t we? How much snow are we really going to get?

And if we are going to be stuck home, what exactly are we going to do?!

10 Things to Do in the Snow

1. Have a snowball fight. Take a page out of your own childhood and head out for a good old fashion snowball fight.

2. Build a snow fort. Back in my day {man I sound old}, we had to build our snow forts with our hands. Today, they have these awesome snow blocks, molds to create snow bricks for your fort!

3. Take a walk. There’s something peaceful about walking across freshly fallen snow. The crunch of your boots underneath and the still of everything around. Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids to burn off some energy. 

4. Go sledding! We have a very small incline on the front of our house that Ethan recently discovered sledding on. It’s not much, but it’s a start for him. I honestly thought he would want no parts of it. But with the right sled, he seems to enjoy it!

5. Look for animal prints! We are always finding animal tracks in our snow, whether it’s the neighbor’s dog or the cat that likes to hang out on our steps. The boys love to try to figure out who made the tracks!

6. Snow angels! Another Ethan favorite is making snow angels. He loved teaching the little kids how to make snow angels this year.

7. Go bowling! No, not at the bowling alley. Make your own snow bowling alley. We have a narrow area between our neighbors house that would be perfect for this. Simply make pins and bowling balls out of snow. Set them up and let them bowl!

8. Make an ice bird feeder. This DIY project from Henry Happened is so pretty! Plus, the boys can do a little bird watching.

frozen bubbles-1

9. Blow bubbles. If you blow bubbles when the temperature is below freezing, the bubbles will freeze! You will be the coolest mom {or dad} if you show your kids this.10 things to do in the snow-1

10. Build a snowman. An oldie but goodie. We got an awesome snowman kit a few years ago and it makes decorating your snowman super easy {and super cute!}.

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  1. Ohhh that ice bird feeder is awesome… and I’ve been meaning to try the bubble thing too! Pinning this for the next storm!

  2. I must say this was nice to see. SO many posts about how horrible the snow is but myself and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE playing out in the snow. Its always nice to do some different things I will be sure to try the valcano for sure:)

  3. I really want to do the bubble thing! A friend of mine shared video of doing bubbles outside on Facebook. Of course, we’re in for a warmer few days though when it gets cold again, we’ll try the bubbles. The snow volcano is cool, too.

  4. We have to try #1 the next time it snows. I love the idea of the bird feeders. The bubbles didn’t work for us. It was very windy though. With the wind chill it was -12 degrees here a couple of days ago, but because of the wind they would burst before they had a chance to freeze.

  5. Such fun ideas. They almost – almost make me want to live where it snows! We hope to visit some snow next month, so I am making note of that volcano! 🙂

  6. Why do I always forget to make Paint for the snow? We are doing this next time! My two would flip over a snow volcano!

  7. I love the bird feeder and bubble ideas.

    We’ve been fortunate this year, not to have too much of a freeze (yet!) but I’ll remember these when the weather turns colder!

  8. That bubble thing is just awesome! Great ideas! We’ll have to try them on our next snow day.

  9. Great ideas! My teenage son learned how to make a snow shelter last year and he even slept outside in it. I like snow shoeing, it takes very no actual skill or coordination, unlike skiing

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