11 Weeks

Pregnancy: 11 weeks

Weight Gain:
-8 lbs

I guess it’s ok. I am just happy with what I get. Would I like more? Of course. But beggars can’t be choosers!

TBD – Don’t forget to take the poll on the right.

TBD – More on this later.

Feeling: See picture above.

Health: I was doing pretty well with my reflux and indigestion. Over the weekend I ate some pizza and it really did a number on me. I guess I’ll have to stay away from pasta sauce and garlic. This Italian girl is not happy!


Belly Button:

Next Appointment:
Friday, November 12th {at 12wks3dys} – Not only do I have my regular OB appointment, but my Sequential Screen is also scheduled for that day. Yay for getting to see the baby!

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