12 Free Christmas Fonts

We are definitely in holiday mode around here. From designing client’s Holiday cards to making my own, I am in font heaven. There are so many great Christmas fonts to choose from. Here are 12 free fonts that I am currently loving this Christmas season. And yes, they are all free!

12 free christmas fonts

Download Free Christmas Fonts

Candy Cane  |  One Starry Night | Christmas Lights
Clementine Sketch  |  Santa’s Big Secret | Happy New One
Brannboll |  Frosty  |  Happy Days
Contribute | The Gingerbread House | Janda Cheerful Script

Now that you’ve downloaded your new fonts, it’s time to use them correctly! When downloading a font, make sure you read the instructions included so that you are using the font correctly. Take Brannboll for example. There is a wrong way of using it. And there is a right way.

How to Use Brannboll

To make this font display correctly, with the tail at the end of your words, use numbers 0-9.  Each number is a different length taill so choose based on the length of your word.

how-to-use-brannboll font



Now you know how to use Brannboll correctly!

Looking for more fonts? Here are some more of my favorites.

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