12 Ways to Build Your Email Lists

This is a sponsored post on behalf of AWeber and Build Your Influence Summit. All opinions are my own.

Building an email list is crucial to the survival and advancement of your blog.  No matter what type of blog you have, email marketing can help you grow your audience and convert readers into loyal followers and customers!

But first, you’ll need a good email marketing platform. AWeber has been helping businesses grow with email since 1998. And with over 99% deliverability, gets your messages where they need to be: in the inbox. 

A lot of us rely on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to market our blogs. But there’s one problem. We don’t have any control over those platforms. Facebook changes their algorithm constantly and Twitter moves really fast! Instead of building our marketing strategies on someone else’s land, we need to start using something that we can control: email. 

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If you’ve been slacking on building your email list or never thought about sending out a newsletter, you’ll need a little help to get yourself started.  

1. Create Value-Filled Content. While your subscribers won’t see the content until they subscribe and open the email, the content needs to be very well written, engaging, and relevant to your audience. You want them to love it so much that they keep opening and that they share your emails with their friends.

2. Make Emails Sharable with Social Icons. It’s easy to add social icons to your email messages now, so be sure to do that. Add that to your email at the bottom, but also add a Call To Action (CTA) asking your readers to share the email.

3. Create a Lead Magnet. Having some kind of incentive is helpful for getting people to want to give up their email address. Just be careful and make sure the incentive is specific to your target market.

4. Create a Sign-Up on Facebook. Facebook is a great place to add an email sign-up form. You can create a CTA on Facebook easily, and people who will follow you on Facebook will likely want the information you have in your emails.

5. Host a Contest. Contests can be a great way to get more people to sign up for your email list. In addition, you can give people a chance to win something if they sign up, share, follow, and like.

7. Keep them interested with Autoresponders. The AWeber autoresponder is an automated email marketing that frees up your time and keeps readers engaged.  AWeber is the original (very first) autoresponder!

8. Host a Webinar. Webinars are on fire right now, and a great way to build an email list fast. Everyone who wants to attend the webinar has to sign up for your email list. People see personal webinars as valuable and are more willing to give up their email address for them.

9. Find Joint Venture Partners. Partner up with others to do a multi-person webinar, or host another type of event such as an in-person event. When each of you promote to your own lists, it helps build all your lists.

10. Publish a Book. A physical book or an eBook published via Kindle is a great way to get your name out there as an expert. The book can mention your email list and website too. You can even provide a special landing page for book buyers.

11. Speak Offline. Host or become a speaker at offline events. If you have a good talk, you can get people clamoring to sign up for your list. I’ll be speaking at the Build Your Influence Summit in a few weeks. Speaking at events like this will get your name out there both online and off. 


12. Paid Promotions. Try using paid promotions on Facebook to collect email addresses, by giving away something free or requiring an email to watch all of a video.

Using these methods will build your email list. Because the larger your email list, and the more targeted it is, the more successful you’ll be. You want to make sure you use a reliable 

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