13 Coffee Cups that Makes Your Day Okay

We all know that coffee is the single most important meal, or meals, of the day. However, the coffee cup that you drink it out of is just as important as the coffee. Your coffee cup can make your a little bit bearable and easier to look at. In fact, a coffee cup can make your day okay. That fresh brewed nectar is what makes it better. If you want your day to be okay, then take a look at these cups. Not only will these cups help smile with each sip of coffee, but they will make smile, feel encourage, have a laugh, and get your day going a little bit better.

13 Coffee Cups that Makes Your Day Okay

The Prescription Coffee Mug

the prescription

Yes. This is just what the doctor ordered for you to drink from in the morning. This prescription coffee mug will certainly help make people understand that coffee is the medicine that you need to get your day started properly: caffeinated.

Monday Mug Coffee Cup

monday mug

This Monday Mug coffee cup knows exactly how you feel on Mondays. It starts of black and dead eyed; however, just like you; it transforms into a happy smile once you fill it with your favorite black brew! This cup will be sure to take away those Monday work blues. It can’t cure the stupidity that comes with Monday, but it does make it better to deal with.

Yoda Coffee Cup Quote

yoda quote cup

If you’re a Yoda fan, then this Yoda Coffee Cup in your hands you must have! It’s a polite reminder from an amazing Jedi master to let you know that your cup is filled with coffee, and non of the fancy water or volatile liquid substances out there. The Yoda force is here to help.

Rubiks Cube Coffee Cup

rubiks cube coffee cup

This Rubiks Cube Coffee cup is one puzzle of a cup that’s easily solved: Add coffee. There…puzzle solved! What makes it even better? How about that it is a lid on it so nothing can get it inside and land in your special cup of morning nectar.

Lego Brick Coffee Cup

lego brick coffee cup

If you want to start your morning off on a more artistic and creative note, then you must get this LEGO brick coffee cup. The colors aren’t too stark to look upon. There’s no pattern to follow. Just grab your fumbling morning fingers and have it. With every sip of coffee, you’ll find your brain awaken more and more. Just don’t drop a piece and step on it. That would just be terrible.

Science Lab Beaker Coffee Cup


science lab beaker coffee cup

Are you a science geek or a lab rat? If so, then take a look at this amazing science lab beaker coffee cup. This cup will make everyday an okay day. It might even encourage do science-y things, like adding sugar, milk, or cream to your coffee. There…you just make a compound solution even more delicious!

Toilet Bowl Coffee Cup

toilet bowl cup

Yes. It’s a Toilet bowl coffee cup. If this doesn’t make your day a little more okay, then nothing will. What could be better to be able to use this toilet without the usage of toilet paper, or having to wash your hands when your done. Flush your beginning day blues away, and slap on a little grin.

Recycle Bin Coffee Cup

recycle bin coffee cup

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. You can Reduce your stress levels with this recycle bin coffee cup. Then you can reuse it by adding in more coffee. Finally, recycle by washing and using again. You’re now an eco-friendly person who takes the earth and their coffee super serious. You can now have your inside “curb” appeal.

Decaf Is For Wimps Coffee Cup

decaf is for wimps coffee cup

First of all, I’m not sure whomever thought of making decaf coffee…but this Decaf is for wimps coffee cup kinda gets the point across. Coffee is meant to have caffeine in it. There’s no other qualms or arguments that need to be made about. This cup is already making my day a little better than okay.

I’m a Freaking Unicorn Coffee Cup

i'm a freaking unicorn

Does it honestly get better than this? You get to remind yourself how truly magical you are. YOU are a freaking unicorn coffee cup! I wouldn’t be surprised if rainbows and glitter shot out of your coffee cup in the mornings when you use it. This magical cup will back kick the heck out of bad days. Start your days off right. Be a freaking unicorn.

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

kill zombies

The zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened yet, but this Keep Calm and Kill Zombies coffee cup will be your constant reminder that you WILL be prepared when it happens. Yes, you can have all the hand tools and guns in the world, but I would much rather be prepared with this cup as a reminder of what would need to get done. Every morning. Then I will smile. Everything will be okay today.

Flower Pot Coffee Cup

flower pot coffee cup

This flower pot coffee cup gives you options in the morning in how you can start your day: you can either plant the seeds of life and give life to a flower, or you can dig a grave for someone that’s on your hit list. Either way, everything little thing…is gonna be alright. And yes…it comes with a spoon that’s molded after a shovel. Now that’s just stinking adorable.

Tabletop Golf Coffee Cup

tabletop golf cup

Whether you work from home or in an office, this tabletop golf coffee cup while always let you get a hole in one. Why worry and stress about going to a golf course, when all you have to do is sit at home and fill your cup with the dark coffee goodness? Yes…it comes with a min golf club and ball for you to play with at your own leisure and time. It’s your morning. Enjoy the golf course view where ever you want to.

All of these cups have two thing in common: they hold your precious coffee, and it let’s your know that you can face the day. Today is going to be an okay day with one of these cups in your hand.

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