13 weeks

Let’s do a little recap, shall we. I had not one, but two, doctor’s appointments on Friday.

First up was my regular OB appointment. The appointment started off with some of the best news ever. My blood pressure was perfect! PERFECT! I am so worried about my blood pressure this time around so hearing the words blood pressure and perfect in the same sentence makes this mama very happy. {By the way, it was 112/72!}

I was surprised with another ultrasound. I don’t recall them doing one at the second appointment with E so it must be something new. But hey, I wasn’t complaining. The doctor was trying to get the heartrate but the little bugger wouldn’t stop moving. Guess I shouldn’t have had that glass of OJ before going! The baby was bouncing all over the place. Since we were seeing all that movement, the doctor was happy and didn’t try to calculate the heartrate. She also knew I had my sequential screen later in the day and said we would hear the heartbeat then. And they would give us better pictures.

After lunch and some running around, it was time for the next appointment. These appointments are always fun {and a little nerve wracking} because you get to sit there for a good half an hour and just watch your baby. I am happy to report that Baby Gloves is measuring right on schedule {12 weeks and 5 days on Friday} and already looks like Big Brother. We put the ultrasounds side by side and the profiles are identical!

The tech was able to let us listen to the heartbeat {the greatest sound in the world}. The heartrate was 162 {a girl, maybe?}. After we got that out of the way, she began pointing out body parts describing what she was doing. I stopped listening really after she pointed out 2 arms and 2 legs. That’s all that mattered to me! I was just staring at this little beauty.



And now onto the weekly “weigh-in”.

Pregnancy: 13 weeks

Weight Gain:
-3 lbs {I am going to start going with the weight checks at my appointments.}

I am no longer a zombie! I am sleeping so much better. And my tiredness has flown out the window!

TBD – I am making the appointment for our Anatomy Scan this week.


Feeling: Amazing, I feel pretty damn good!
Health: I must be out of the 1st Tri slump! I am feeling great, my health is great, everything is great! {Knock on Wood!}


Belly Button:

Next Appointment:
Friday, December 10th {at 16wks3days}

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