18 weeks

 {Belly Pic taken at 18wks}

Pregnancy: 18 weeks

Weight Gain:
-3 lbs

Sleep: I slept like a baby once I was in my bed. I had to share a bed with E {aka the kid that doesn’t stop moving all night} while in Pittsburgh. It was so nice to finally be back in my bed!

Gender: We’ll find out on Janury 3rd!

Names: TBD 

Feeling: Pretty good. Rested and finally over that horrible cold!

Health: I had a bit of a blood pressure scare over the weekend. I had a wicked headache for 2 days and could just feel that my blood pressure was up. The hubster took me to the Rite Aid just to check it out. I got a reading of 142/73. I did again {for reassurance} and it was the same. So I spent the rest of the weekend drinking a ton of water and laying down. I called the doctor yesterday just to report the high reading and the fact that I still had a headache. They wanted to see me right away so I rushed over. I was prepared for a high reading. Luckily, I didn’t get it. 122/64 {perfect!}. I felt like I wasted everyone’s time. The doctor reassured me that I had done the right thing {given my history} and that is what she wants me to do from now on. Listen to my body and call when something is off. If it turns out to be nothing, fine, at least we know that. The last thing she wants me to do is to blow it off and have it be something major.

Movement:  We are at the stage that I did not enjoy: the “Momma’s tired and wants to go to bed but baby wants to party all night long” stage. I know, I know, it’s only just getting started.

Belly Button: Normal.

Cravings: Nothing major really.

Next Appointment: January 3rd at 19wks6days! {THE BIG ULTRASOUND!}


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