19 weeks

Pregnancy: 19 weeks

Weight Gain:
-3 lbs {I have no idea how I am doing this. I think the scale will tell another story when I go t my next appointment on the 7th. I have been eating like a pig over this holiday week.}

Sleep: Since I have off from work, I am sleeping great {naps included}. For some reason, I don’t sleep well on work days.

Gender: We’ll find out on Janury 3rd! {Only one more week!!}

Names: TBD 

Feeling: My patience is non-existent. I thought it was because my blood pressure was up but since it’s not, well I don’t know what the deal is. I feel like I could snap over every little thing. The hubster keeps reminding me that there will be 2 soon and is wondering how I am going to deal with it. Honestly, I think it’s the pregnancy that’s making me lose my temper. I think I’ll be fine once this baby pops out {or at least that’s what I am telling myself}.

Health: The acid reflux/indigestion/heartburn is back with a vengeance. But only with certain foods {Thank God}. I just need to watch what I am eating and always, always carry some tums with me. I might even need to bust out the fire breathing dragon pic again. 

Movement:  Movement is becoming more consistent, especially at night or when I am resting {go figure, right}. But it’s still nice to know that little bugger is in there and doing well.

Belly Button: Normal.

Cravings: The hubster made the big mistake and mentioned bologna. But not in the lunch meat context. More in the I’m watching what I say around the kiddo context. Well, now I will not be satisfied until I get my damn bologna and cheese on white with mayo sandwich.

Next Appointment: January 3rd at 19wks6days! {THE BIG ULTRASOUND! Only one week away!}


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