20 weeks

Look at the little button nose!
Yesterday, I had my 20 week Anatomy Scan {aka the BIG ULTRASOUND!}. Right off the bat, the tech asked us if we wanted to know what we were having. She didn’t even get the whole question out before I screamed “Yes, please!”. After taking a ton of measurements and pictures, it was time. At first, we didn’t think we would be able to find out because the baby’s legs were crossed. After some moving around, we got a clear shot! {And you’ll have to wait one more day to find out!}
Here are some stats for Baby Gloves:
Weight: ~11 oz
Heartrate: 142
The doctor was impressed with baby’s legs: long and already muscular {dancer or linebacker?}. In his words, everything looks PERFECT!
Now on to Momma…

Pregnancy: 20 weeks

Weight Gain:
-3 lbs {I’ll know the real number next week}.

Sleep: Ahhh, glorious sleep. However, I found out over the weekend that laying on my back is a thing of the past now.

Gender: I know something you don’t know! You just have to wait one more day. We need to tell family first!

Names: TBD 

Feeling: Enter the work depression. After being off for a week and hanging out with my little buddy, Monday sucked. No way around it. I hate being at work and not being with him. I learned so much more about him and even though he definitely tested my patience {on more than on occasion}, I’d rather be at home with him than stuck at work. I am so looking forward to Maternity Leave and trying to come up with ways to possibly not have to go back so soon.

Health: This was a good week health-wise. We all managed to avoid the Pukes that have been going around {knocks on wood}. I have been avoiding the food that makes the acid reflux flare up so for now that is under control. Oh and I have been trying a lot more water. Something that I should have been doing ages ago. I know understand what they mean about all the beneficial things come with it.

Movement:  This baby loves to dance! And likes to tell me when I need to stop squishing. If I bend over to pick something up, I get a nice swift kick.

Belly Button: I am definitely starting to notice a difference here. It’s not as hollow. My belly button didn’t pop out the last time, only got flat. So we shall see.

Cravings:What haven’t I been craving. The biggest craving of all has to be cereal. First it was Cocoa Krispies. Now, it’s Cap’n Crunch. I have been eating a bowl every night as a snack. I will not be surprised if the scale has moved!

Next Appointment: January 10th at 20wks6days!

Are you ready to find out? Well you have to wait until tomorrow morning {post is schedule to post at 6 am!}. I am going to torture you, just like we tortured our families.

Oh look! A present.

Why don’t you go ahead and open it?

To be continued…


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  1. That is too funny that you are craving cereal. And you are quite mean to make us wait another day. I am so excited to find out. I have my thoughts on what you are having!

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