2011 Recap | My Favorite Posts

I have been doing this for the past two years so you knew it was coming. Here are my favorite posts from the year!

January: The Unknown
The one in which I think about what it will be like to have another child. 

February: You Are Loved
The one in which I wonder how it will be possible to love another child.

March: Great Expectations
The one in which I share that it’s better to have not have any expectations when it comes to having children.

April: Surprise!
The one in which my friends surprise me with a spa day!

May: Benjamin
The one in which we welcome Benny into the world. 

June: These are the Days
The one in which I let the hubster write a blog post. 

July: Who Me?
The one in which I wonder why I can’t see what other people see in me. 

August: Relax. Enjoy.
The one in which I remind myself that sometimes you need to remind yourself what life is all about.

September: What Would I Do if I Didn’t Have to Work?
The one in which I share my unrealistic expectations about what I thought it meant to stay at home. 

October: Y’All Think Two is Bad?
The one in which I share the great secret that two really isn’t all that bad but three is the devil incarnate. 

November: The Animated Steph
The one in which I describe what it really is like to know me in person. 

December: You Know You are a Mom When…
The one in which you can all relate! 

Can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for me!

What were your favorite posts of 2011?

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