10 Books for Your 2013 Summer Reading List

Summertime is all about lazy afternoons, the sound of the ocean, and the sun shining in our faces. There is something about summer that brings out my inner bookworm. Who doesn’t like to sit out in the sun with a good book? Those moments are coming quickly and I needed a good summer reading list!

10 books for your 2013 summer reading list

10 Books for Your 2013 Summer Reading List

1. Revenge Wears Prada: I literally squeed when I saw that this was coming. The sequel to Devils Wear Prada looks promising! Best part? It comes out today! You better believe I will be downloading this baby today.

2. I’m Not Her: If you liked “My Sister’s Keeper”, then you will probably enjoy this one as well. I picked this up as a freebie but it is definitely worth the price!

3. The Wednesday SistersA story about 5 young mothers who are joined together by their common passion: writing.  With one another’s support and encouragement, the Wednesday Sisters begin to embrace who they are and what they hope to become, welcoming readers to experience, along with them, the power of dreaming big.

4. Once Upon a ListI am currently making my way through this one. So far, it’s been an easy read with a good plot line. It isa heartbreaking yet sweet story of a woman overcoming a tragic loss and finding the courage to face the future.

5. The Cupcake Diaries: This is your classic beach read: an easy read that you can fly through while catching some sun! The book is fun and frothy and an easy read, and marks the first installment of three novellas. And? It’s about cupcakes!

6. Don’t Breathe a Word:  Two young lovers find themselves ensnared in a seemingly supernatural web that ties them to a young girl’s disappearance fifteen years earlier in this dark and twisty tale.  This is an absolutely chilling and ingenious combination of psychological thriller, literary suspense, and paranormal page-turner. Not really your beach read but it’s so good!

7.  Girls in White Dresses:  With a wry sense of humor, Jennifer Close brings us through those thrilling, bewildering years of early adulthood as she pulls us inside the circle of these friends, perfectly capturing the wild frustrations and soaring joys of modern life.

8. The Beach HouseI love, love, love Jane Green! Pull up your beach chair and get wrapped up  into the characters. It’s not too in depth and the characters are really interesting.

9. Where We BelongAnother one of my favorite authors. A powerful novel about a mother and a daughter and their secrets!

10. Where’d You Go, Bernadette: Where did she go? I’d tell you, but that would mean you’d miss the fun and enjoyment of reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette for yourself. It manages to present Bernadette’s anxiety issues in a compassionate and heart-warming manner.

What’s on your summer reading list?

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  1. Great list! I really need to try to finish one book this summer… I miss reading!

  2. Wednesday Sisters looks good! Didn’t “Cupcake Diary” just go as an Amazon deal? Anyway, I have no idea what’s on my kindle, I just download everything & sort it out when I’m in bed!

  3. I just finished Lean In and I am reading Linchpin and Eat the Frog First. I have to get some pleasure reading in also, so thanks for these suggestions.

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