2019 Family Bucket List: Family Activities All Year Long

Make a resolution this year to spend more quality time with your family!

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Family time is really important for my family! We are a busy family between our children’s sports, our volunteering for various organizations, and school. But we always make sure we carve out quality family time.

And that doesn’t have to take up a lot of time! It can be quick and easy things like taking a family walk or reading a book together, or something more elaborate, like going to the movies.

For 2019, we are recommitting ourselves to making sure we spend time together as a family. To help us, I put together this 2019 Family Bucket List!

2019 Family Bucket List: Family Activities All Year Long

One of the ways that I make sure we spend quality family time together is being prepared!

To help us with our family bucket list, I created this activity jar. It’s filled with some of our favorite things to do together. When we are stumped for something to do, someone can choose an activity out of the jar!

I am sharing this printable with you so you can create one for your family as well! Click HERE or on the image above for your copy. I even left some blank spaces so you can fill in your own!

Now on to our favorite family activities!

Kids cook dinner! I look for every opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen. I have found if you put them in charge they enjoy it a lot more. A fun twist on this? Mom and Dad set the table! Since this is something the kids do every night for us, it’s only fair we do it for them when they cook. 

I always make sure to keep Vanity Fair® Extra Absorbent Napkins on hand because, let’s face it, kids are messy! Whether it’s spills at the table, or keeping messes at bay while cooking, Vanity Fair® Extra Absorbent Napkins are made for life’s unexpected mealtime surprises!

Volunteer at a local charity. We are always trying to give our kids opportunities to volunteer. As parents, we volunteer a lot of our free time for our kids’ various activities. We like to get them involved every chance we can! 

Play a family board game. This is a great opportunity to get the kids (and mom and dad, too) off electronic devices and enjoy some good ‘ole fashioned board games. 

Make cookies for a friend. We love to bake cookies and lots of them. We also love sharing them with our friends. Put your cookies in a little cookie box, you can tie them with a cute ribbon up for a fun surprise! The last thing you want to do is give your friend a gift that may make a mess, so don’t forget some napkins! Once again, including  Vanity Fair® Extra Absorbent Napkins for the unexpected messes that may pop up is a great touch! That way, your friend can enjoy the delicious cookies, without getting crumbs everywhere.

Read a book as a family. We spend a lot of time making sure the kids are doing their reading for school but what about reading as a family. Whether you do a read aloud or everyone reads their own book in the same room, it’s a great time for a little quiet to unwind with a good book.

Go for a walk as a family. Whether you walk around your neighborhood or head to the local trail, just get out and walk with your family. Family walks are a great time to chat with your kids and get some fresh air.

Leave a care package for the delivery drivers.

A lot of people do this during the holiday season but why not just randomly throughout the year! Again, don’t forget the  Vanity Fair® Extra Absorbent Napkins! Whenever you give food as a gift, it’s always a good thought to add in napkins. Your delivery drivers are on the road and might not have something handy to clean up a spill.

Family movie night! We love going to the movies as a family and go frequently throughout the year. But we also have family movie night at home. We pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, and snuggle on the couch.

Random Act of Kindness. “When given the choice between being right and being kind. Choose kind.” That’s been our family motto for the past few years! Spread kindness everyone by doing random acts of kindness.

Plant a garden. We started planting a veggie garden a few years ago and the kids love picking out what we are going to grow each year. They also take care of picking the veggies (and eating them too!).

Now that you have your family activities planned, make a family activity basket! This takes being prepared for your family activities another step further. 

I like to place the basket near our activity jar so we can gather up what we need. For example, I keep gift cards or rewards card in our basket for when we go out as a family. I also keep some books that we can read together as a family. If you aren’t the baking from scratch kind of family, keep some cookie mixes handy! 

I also keep some practical things in there, like Vanity Fair® Extra Absorbent Napkins. You don’t want something like a spill in the kitchen to keep you from enjoying your family’s fun night. Having napkins on hand means we can quickly clean up our messes (because there will be messes!) and enjoy our time together.

What’s on your family’s bucket list this year?

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