22 weeks

Pregnancy: 22 weeks

Weight Gain:
-3.5 lbs

Sleep: Sleeping so much these days…once I fall asleep. The falling asleep part is difficult but once my eyes finally close, I am out cold!

Gender: All boy!

Names: I thought we had come up with an agreement but apparently not {or else the hubster is playing games with me}. I’ll be updating on this later.

Feeling: Ok. Yeah, just ok. Over half way there and I know what lays ahead of me.

Health: I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately whenever I over do it. Of course, I rest when I feel them coming on and they normally go away after resting. I am just worried that this is a sign of things to come {possible bed rest}. I am taking it easy as often as I can but there’s a lot to be done!

Movement:  8 pm is his time to PAR-TAY! Baby boy loves to disco as soon as I have time to lay down. The moment I start to relax, he goes to town! I hope this isn’t any indication of his sleep patterns.

Belly Button: Getting flatter

Cravings: Still digging Mac and Cheese {but I have seemed to slow down on the consumption}. However, I really, really want some nachos from a local brewery. The hubster has already promised a trip there soon!

Next Appointment: February 7th


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