25 Christmas & Winter Crafts for Kids

This past weekend, we {ok, my husband} climbed up into the attic and dragged all of the Christmas boxes down. We trimmed the tree, put out my Christmas village, and decorated the outside. It really has us all in the Holiday spirit now! Some of my favorite decorations are the ones the Ethan has made in preschool. And I have them all saved! I mean, how can you throw them out!

Now that Ethan is in Kindergarten, I know the Christmas crafts won’t be coming in as fast as they did when he was in preschool. So, we are making some on our own!

25 Christmas & Winter Crafts for Kids

25 Christmas and Winter Crafts for kids

1. Christmas Countdown Santa to countdown to Christmas day!
2. Easy Christmas wreath for toddlers made out of a paper plate.
3. Reindeer Clothespin Craft: This is a really cute and simple reindeer craft using 3 clothespins and a Popsicle stick.
4. Pasta Angels  are cheap, easy, and you can eat the left-overs!
5. Coffee Filter Snowman are so cute and easy to make!

coffee filter snowman{source}

6. Tissue Paper Snowman is a great craft for kids without the wet, cold mess of snow!
7. Toilet Paper Reindeer makes good use of something you would normally just throw out!
8. Light Up Christmas tree is another simple and easy craft with materials you probably have laying around.
9. No Mess Sticker Tree use a few office supplies with no clean up involved!
10. Christmas Tree Art made out of paper plate. We all have those laying around!

christmas tree art{source}

11. Salt Dough Handprints is  a great homemade gift that is more sentimental than something store bought.
12. Polar Bear Ornaments are easy to make and you can use felt, foam, or even construction paper to build them.
13. Toilet Roll Carolers is a quick and easy Christmas craft to use up toilet roll tubes.
14. Santa Corks can either be used to make a fun bowling game or hang them up as ornaments.
15. Painted Glass Ornaments are so simple and easy! The kids can really get creative with these.

painted glass ornaments{source}

16. Model Christmas Town has added play-factor, as once you’ve enjoyed crafting you’ve made yourself a miniature world for lots more imaginary play.
17. Make these candy cane reindeer to use up all of those candy canes that appear in your house this time of year.
18.  Thumbprint Christmas lights craft is a great way to capture your kiddos cute prints each year and make cute cards!
19. Pinecone trees can be made for any holiday!
20. Waterless Snow Globes is a fun twist to a traditional winter craft.

waterless snow globes{source}

21. Use up all those random buttons laying around your  house to make these button ornaments that are fun.
22. Make this fun reindeer mask for Christmas hat parades or to play dress-ups in the lead up to Christmas.
23. Handprint wreath is another great way to capture your kids handprints and have a cute decoration.
24. Make your Christmas night twinkly and bright with this beaded candle holder and battery-operated tea lights.
25. Egg carton snowmen made with materials found around the house.

winter crafts for kids

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