29 weeks

  {belly pic taken at 29 wks}

Pregnancy: 29 weeks

Weight Gain: +6 lbs. {Yes, you are seeing that right. I gained 5 lbs in one month! Yikes!}
Sleep: Except for the one night last week when E wouldn’t sleep, I have been sleeping great! Which now means, I jinxed myself and will be up all hours from this point out.
Gender: All boy!
Names: If this child doesn’t get named soon, someone is going to get hurt. And I think we all know who that someone is going to be.
Feeling: My sinuses are all out of whack thanks to this lovely “It’s winter. Not it’s Spring.” weather we have been having. Just pick a season already!!!!
Health: My blood pressure is up a little {140/74} but nothing to be worried about at this point. The doctor said that everything looks great and it appears as if we shouldn’t have any problems this time. We aren’t celebrating just yet but it’s comforting to know that things haven’t started yet {they had started about this time with E}. Also, I am happy to report that baby boy is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead. Yay for monster babies!
Movement: I think this one is a given at this point.
Belly Button: Getting flatter
Cravings: Chocolate Milk
Next Appointment: March 28th

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  1. looking good momma! and very slim, if i might add 😉

    seriously though you look great! you need to have some maternity shots done.

  2. I love the belly shots! So glad to hear you're sleeping well. I craved chocolate milk when I was pregnant too!

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