3 Books to Help Children with Bullying

While bullying is a widespread problem, there are surprisingly few appropriate books directed at children. To be sure educators, parents, counselors, and therapists all want to stop bullying and should set up safe zones and guidelines to prevent and protect children before, during, and after bullying.

But what of the child? What if the child cannot speak to a trusted adult or has spoken and received no or not enough support? Below are some books on bullying to help children of all ages.

3 Books to Help Children with Bullying

Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco please stop laughing at me

Please Stop Laughing at Me chronicles a young woman’s life long struggle, yes LIFE LONG, with bullying. The bullying started when she was 10. Here’s an excerpt from one of the many painful bullying episodes in high school.

I know cruelty is currency in high school. It can buy power and popularity. My former classmates sense my desperation and amuse themselves by taking advantage of it. They need me. They’re just as scared as I am about making friends at Samuels. They have to prove to the in-crowd here that they’ve got what it takes. I’m their best hope. All they have to do is make everyone see me as the outcast. Then they can say to the popular group, “We have a mutual interest. None of us likes Jodee.” It confirms their social status. If I weren’t so furious about it, I’d laugh.

Ok, you say, so this is high school bullying where cruelty is currency and everyone is vying for power while they transform from child to adult. How sad is it that we try to justify the bullying? Fortunately, Blanco understands and has developed a companion website to her book  that offers survival tips for students, parents, educators, and adult survivors.


My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig

my secret bully

My Secret Bully is an age appropriate book for tweens, age 8-11. Ludwig, an acclaimed author works with anti bullying groups to help children cope with bullying. My Secret Bully is a tale of young Monica who is bullied by her friend. This sort of relational aggression is common, especially in women and girls {imagine Mean Girls started out as Mean Tweens}. Katie’s bullying is not overt but in the form of taking Monica’s friends away from her or threatening to not play with Monica if Monica plays with Sarah. Fortunately, Monica opens up to her mother and gets the empowerment she needs

Another thing I love about this book are the illustrations by Abigail Marble. They include children of various ethnic groups and abilities! My Secret Bully should be in every parent’s home.

And what about the little kids? Bullying is starting younger and younger these days.


Leave Me Alone, A Tale of What Happens When You Stand Up to a Bully by Kes Gray and Lee Wildishleave me alone

This book is my least favorite of the three, however, I like it because it strives to empower even the littlest child. “Leave me alone,” the child says to his animal friends who seek to help him. He tells them that his troubles are too big for anyone to be able to help. I’m sure children might often feel helpless and overwhelmed and I like the way the book expresses those feelings.

The child is not directly bullied by a person, but by a problem that is depicted as a giant bully blocking the sun. The animals band together with the child to tell the bully to “Leave Him Alone!” which the bully does. The child is happy again and knows the problem will never come back and bother him again. This is the odd bit about the book but I love the discussion opportunities provided by the idea of empowering the child.

And speaking of child empowerment, have you read Kelley Osborne Faust’s The Superpower of Me! Yet? If not, check it out!  The book, published by The Sunshine Hope organization teaches children how to overcome obstacles in their lives and to believe in themselves. It’s the best book out there.



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  1. I hate that bullying is such a big issue with kids “these days”. I hear the stories and it just makes me sick to my stomach and so so sad. I hope that my daughter doesn’t have to go through what some children do, I know how it feels 🙁 but I want to be prepared if she does — so thanks again for sharing these books!

  2. I admit that this can definitely be a big help to all parents and to the kids who are bullied.. Thank you for the books provided here..

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