30 weeks

{belly pic taken at 30 wks}

Pregnancy: 30 weeks

Weight Gain: +6 lbs.
Sleep: Sleep has been getting a lot better which shocks me. I only wake up if I have to pee or roll over {which is like every 15 minutes}. But, unlike before, I have been falling right back to sleep easily.
Gender: All boy!
Names: I think we have a name…but we aren’t sharing just yet!
Feeling: Lousy. The contractions were pretty bad over the weekend. Go figure I finally have time to relax and that seems to piss the ute off. I am keeping an eye on them but so far they have been nothing to worry abut.
Health: Other than the contractions, I am feeling pretty good health-wise. My cold is gone and I can breath again!
Movement: I think this one is a given at this point.
Belly Button: Getting flatter
Cravings: Ice cream, milk shakes, and still chocolate milk
Next Appointment: March 28th

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