On Turning 30

A Grande Life | 30th Birthday

As I’m sitting here on the morning of my 30th birthday, in an amazing New York City hotel, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed with a heaping side of overwhelmed.

I don’t know if I expected to feel any different this morning.  I mean, what does 30 feel like? What, exactly, is being 30?

I always saw 30 as being a grown up. Surely, I am not a grown up, am I? On paper, I am definitely grown up. Married with two children, business owner. That’s a grown up. So then why do I feel like I don’t quite match up to the person on the paper?

I have clinging onto the last days of being 29 for as long as I could. The hubster has been saying I’m 30 since at least Christmas. Why was he in such a hurry to take those last days of 29 away from me?

He knows I have been dreading turning 30 since my 24th birthday. I have been saying since then that I would have a hard time with 30. Hell, I was having a hard time with 30 when I was 24!

Maybe I thought I wouldn’t be happy where I was in my life. Maybe I thought I wouldn’t have accomplished anything. Maybe I thought I would have peaked and it would all be down hill after that.

But the more I sit and reflect on what turning 30 means, those thoughts are being pushed from my mind. I am in one of the best places in my life. I am happily married. I am the mom of two wonderful boys. I have a successful business.  

Things truly have only just begun.

This is only the beginning of great things.



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  1. Happy Birthday! The years do get better! I’m a tad older. Well years, but I did not like getting older but it’s all good. Have a great day.

  2. Happy, happy birthday!! I never dreaded 30, but I can honestly say that life in my 30s (I’m 33 now, EEKS!) has been amazing and so much better than my 20s. Sure there are ups and downs, but overall, 30s are awesome!! I hope your 30s are the same, sounds like you are well on your way!! 🙂

  3. I used to dread 30. I actually dreaded 25 more. But now, I accept all the ages as they come. They bring more wisdom and an increasingly better fashion sense that actually goes with my body and makes me look great.

  4. happy happy birthday!

    omg, i am so in love with my 30’s. i turned 33 yesterday. i want to marry my 30’s. trust me, you’ll soon see why.

    hope you’ve had a fantastic day!

  5. I admit, 30 didn’t bother me, in fact my birthday came and went and I wondered why I hadn’t gotten all sorts of snarky ‘old age’ cards from my siblings… well a few months later the reason hit…uh I wasn’t 30, I was only 29!!! I must admit I (OBVIOUSLY) don’t keep good track of my age! Now that I’m fifty plus this is an even better thing. But age has never been an issue for me, each year is a new adventure, a time to expand and explore something new. Excitement. Fun. Growth. Of course there are negatives, but heck, why bother with them? Enjoy instead!

  6. Oh, 30s are the BEST! Now 40s I’m kinda dreading, but I have 3 more years. Happy birthday, you’ll love your 30s I’m sure!

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