31 Blog Post Ideas for January

I don’t know about you but I struggle with blog post ideas from time to time. I have a Google Doc that is a bank of post ideas just sitting there for me when I need them. Instead of keeping them to myself, I have decided to shar them! Each month, you will find a list of blog post ideas with the same number ideas as there are days in the month.

Use this list to help with your blog planning, whether you have a blog planner or use a spreadsheet like I do. If you missed a month, you’ll be able to find a list of each month’s lists over on the Monthly Blog Post Idea page.

And now? Time for January’s list!

31 Blog Post Ideas for January

31 blog post ideas for january

  1. Share your goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. 
  2. Everyone loves pictures! Share your recent holiday photos. 
  3. What was your favorite gift you received over the holidays?
  4. Read a good book lately? Review it!
  5. Round up some fun winter crafts or activities. 
  6. Take a look at your recent comments. Write a post answering a commentor’s question.
  7. Create a how-to post. 
  8. Profile another blogger.
  9. Take a look at what you wrote this time last year. Can you expand or update it?
  10. How are you getting organized this year? Share some favorite tips! 
  11. Make a fashion wish list. 
  12. Share a favorite winter recipe
  13. Is winter your favorite season? Why or why not?
  14. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  15. What did we do before the internet?
  16. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  17. Host a guest post. 
  18. “I wish someone told me…”
  19. Write 25 Common Sense Things People Should Know. 
  20. Honor Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  21. Have a great daily routine? Share it!
  22. Do your kids say the darndest things? Share the laughs!
  23. What’s in your bag?
  24. Review an item you recently tried.
  25. Have an embarrassing moment? I dare you to share it! 
  26. Answer the question: “Why do you blog?”
  27. Did you watch the Grammy’s? Write a recap.
  28. Thoughts winter brings to mind.
  29. Vlog!
  30. Show us where you blog. 
  31. Have a cute Valentine’s Day craft? Take pictures and write a tutorial.

Check back next month for 28 more blog post ideas that will get you through February. 

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  1. I love this and Thank you for I am going to use some of these! I needed a few fresh ideas and you just saved me a ton of time and over thinking!

  2. Love the post Stephanie! I’ve been doing a fair amount of research recently on how to get ideas for blog posts, and this post (amongst others) has inspired me to put together a resource on how to hack different tools to generate hundreds of blog post ideas. I’d love your feedback on it if you wouldn’t mind checking it out: http://digitalrhinos.com/guide-to-generating-hundreds-blog-post-ideas/

    Otherwise, keep up the great work!

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