36 weeks

{belly pic taken at 35 wks 4 days}

I just love this picture from my surprise shower that I had to use it again!

Pregnancy: 36 weeks

Weight Gain: +15 lbs. {I only gained a pound since the last appointment!}
Sleep: Still doing well!
Gender: All boy!
Names: Wouldn’t you like to know!
Feeling: Still overwhelmed. I feel like nothing is getting done {even though it is} and that we are going to run out of time. 
Health: I really can not believe how different this pregnancy is from the last one. My blood pressure is still perfect {124/76}, no signs of protein in my urine, and the swelling “isn’t that bad” {according to the doctor}. Unless I go into labor on my own {no!!}, baby boy will still be arriving on May 17th {3 weeks away!}. Baby boy also flipped himself around and is in position {which would explain all that pressure, ouch!}. 
Movement: Poor kiddo must be cramped. His movement is more like him just trying to move. An elbow there and butt wiggle here. No more flip flopping or dancing!
Belly Button: Still have a belly button but it’s definitely not as hollow as before.
Cravings: Watermelon… I can’t get enough!
Next Appointment: May 2nd @ 37 weeks

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  1. do not stress about what doesn't get done! Enjoy the last few weeks! You look great!!!!!

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