5 Things I Love about #BBNYC!

Two years later, I am still trying to wrap my head around everything that was accomplished at Blogger Bash. I was so honored to be a part of the inaugural year even with some of the bumps in the road. But those bumps were really outweighed by the truly amazing highlights! I have never been more proud of something that I poured myself into and I am looking forward to doing it again this year.

5 things i love about blogger bash

This year, I am joining the Blogger Bash team as their Blogger Liaison.  As a Toy Insider Parent Advisory Member since 2013,  I love being a part of this dynamic team and I am very confident that BBNYC 2016 will be the best year yet.  I am already picking out my nautical wear so that I can be the best “Gopher” Smith, to our very own Cruise Directors Charlene & Laurie.

What is Blogger Bash?

Blogger Bash was founded by Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht, who is also the founder and CEO of the Toy Insiderand president of The Toy Book and The Licensing Book, two trade magazines for the toy and licensing industry.  In addition to Laurie, Blogger Bash is cohosted by blogger extraordinaire Charlene DeLoach of Charlene Chronicles. 

The third annual Blogger Bash will take place on July 1314, 201aboard the Majesty Yacht in New York City. Yup, we’re gonna be on a boat y’all! But don’t worry – the boat will be docked the entire time, so you can come and go as you please!

Blogger Bash is an annual event that connects hundreds of digital influencers, including bloggers, vloggers, and social media professionalsto more than 100 lifestyle brands. This year, Blogger Bash includes more than 15 different interactive events, including parties, meals, educational events, and more!  New Product Events will host the biggest Blogger Bash Expo to date, and Maletzky Media will host the most exciting Baby Palooza event ever on July 14! 

5 Things I Love About Blogger Bash

1. You make new friends. One of the things that I love about conferences like Blogger Bash is that I get to spend time with my blogging BFFs. But it’s also a great time to make new friends. Instead of sticking to your usual circle, branch out a little and talk to someone new. You just never know what you might learn from them.

2. You learn new things about yourself. Like, apparently I am an Anne Geddes fangirl. Well, that was kind of a given. I really didn’t think I would ever break down into tears in front of her.  But on Day 2 of a crazy two day event,  I was exhausted and totally got caught up in the moment. Oh well. At least, she’ll remember me!


3. You get to play with toys…without your kids! The seventh annual Sweet Suite event, also known as the Biggest Night of Play, is hosted by the Toy Insider, a website dedicated to reviewing toys year round, providing kids, parents, grandparents, and other giftgivers with all of the information they need to choose the right toys. Sweet Suite is the most wellknown toy party of the year, taking place on July 13.

Photo Credit: The Toy Insider

4. I get to be part of a really awesome team! Where someone lacks, someone excels. We honestly compliment each other in ways that I don’t think I could even explain. And? They are my friends. Yes, your online friends can come out of your computer and be an IRL friend.

5. I can do so much more than I think I can. There are times that I doubt myself. Why I blog? Why I keep doing it? But this event solidified it for me. I am so much more than a “mom blogger.” I can do more than some people think I can. And for once, I am going to own it. I am a freaking rockstar!


Join me at Blogger Bash!

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Ready to set sail and have the time of your life while learning, playing, and growing at Blogger Bash 2016?!  You can register for your tickets here. (<– This is an affiliate link!) You can also use the code “StephFriend” for an additional $15 off of your ticket.

Get Your #BBNYC ticket!


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