5 weeks!

Since I don’t do belly pictures (or at least not yet), I figured I would feature a picture that describes how I feel.

Pregnancy: 5 weeks

Weight Gain: -3 lbs {I am following a modified GD diet, more on this later}

Sleep: I have no problem falling asleep, but if I wake up, forget it. I have a hard time falling back to sleep.

Gender: TBD – we will find out sometime in January. And yes, we will be finding out! I need to plan people!

Names: If it’s a girl, we are set. If it’s a boy, we are screwed. You know we had a hard time
agreeing on Ethan! (link)

Feeling: Pretty good! Still in shock and processing the fact that we are going to have another baby.

Health: Slight headaches here and there, probably from the caffeine withdrawal!

Movement: Nada, still too early but I can’t wait for this to start. {I will retract this statement the very moment I get a swift kick to the bladder.}

Belly Button:
Normal. It only got flat when I was pregnant with E so here’s hoping.

Next Appointment: October 15th {at 8wks3dys}

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