6 Months Old

Another month in the books! It’s true. It really does fly with the second kid. As if it didn’t fly right by with the first.

Benny is having a blast now that he can sit up and play with E’s his toys. And I think big brother is enjoying it as well. His little brother is no longer just some person who lays on the floor and does nothing.



Benny has also found the joy of blowing bubbles and raspberries. It is currently his favorite pastime.

We are laughing and have the cutest little giggle. It is Benny’s only saving grace at 4 am when we hear him giggling in his crib. I don’t know what he is giggling at but it must be pretty funny. {Have I mentioned that we aren’t we sleeping?!}

Halloween was a huge hit! He was the cutest little Superman I had ever seen. He may not have lasted long Trick-or-Treating but big brother made sure to bring him back some treats.

And watch out ladies! He’s already working on his GQ look.

Let’s see how much he has grown!

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