7 in 7


1. Post sneak peeks from Mini-Sessions. – completed 8.31.09
2. Go to Farmer’s Market. – completed 9.5.09
3. Set up webshots for family pictures.
4. Cook 3 meals this week (I’ve really been slacking in this department).
5. Finish clean sweeping the living room.
6. Pick out new bathroom accessories (FINALLY!).
7. Enjoy my 3 day weekend!!! – completed 9.7.09

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  1. this is the first time i've seen a 7 in 7 post!! at first i thought it was the 7 & 7 drink!! lol…tells you where my mind it!

  2. okay i couldn't get that done in 7 months. what is my problem!


  3. I'll def be enjoying my 4 day weekend. I had to take off Friday our major bridge here is being shut down thursday night and since I can't cross it I can't go to work YaY me!! lol

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