7 in 7

This week, I am releasing the 7 in 7 out into the blogosphere.

“What is the 7 in 7?” you ask. I started 7 in 7 back around Christmas. I was off for Winter Break and was using it as my weekly (public) to-do list. I was also using it as a way to help complete my 101 in 1001 (which I need to start doing again!). Every Monday, I think of 7 things that I need or want to do. As I complete the tasks, I go back and edit the post with a completed date. It also helps build some of my blog posts!

So jump on in, the 7 in 7 water is just fine!


1. Plan meals for the rest of the month. – FAIL
2. Decorate newly (almost completed) renovated bathroom. – FAIL but not my fault
3. Pick up birthday gifts for this weekend’s parties (yes, plural partieS!). – completed 8.7.09
4. Find inspirational pet family pictures for upcoming photo shoot. – completed 8.6.09
5. Finish Julie & Julia. – FAIL
6. Work on upcoming surprise. – ongoing
7. Get pictures from vacation printed. – FAIL

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