8 Fall Crock Pot Dinners

As our carefree days of summer are coming to an end and I am scheduling things on my calender, I have one thought about this upcoming school year: BUSY. With my son starting Kindergarten, it means no more days off during the week. Then there’s going to be Karate, Bowling League and Sunday School. After waking up early and on-the-go all day long, the last thing I am going to feel like doing is rushing around the kitchen to prepare dinner. How do I solve that problem? With a Crock-Pot!

I am always in amazement when I hear about working moms, busy moms, or families in general who do not use a crock pot in their kitchen. I discovered this time-saving kitchen appliance about a decade ago and it’s been the source of some of my family’s very favorite recipes!


While I do enjoy using my Crock Pot in the summer, it seems once the weather turns cooler in the Fall, I tend to use it sometimes three or four times a week! Here are some of my favorite FALL RECIPES.

8 Fall Crock Pot Dinners


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