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stephanie gloverHi I’m Steph, the writer behind  A Grande Life.  I am the mom to 2 boys, ages 8 and 5. I am married to my best friend, Mike, who occasionally writes on the blog giving us a dad’s point of view. I am a work at home mom who runs a Philadelphia based photography business.  This blog is a peek into our every day life.  I also sit on the Parent Advisory Panel for the Toy Insider.

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Meet the Family

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Ethan– Ethan is our oldest, born in May of 2008. He takes after his father in more ways than I care for. Seriously, he’s a clone. He loves playing baseball and Minecraft. 

Ben-  Ben joined our family in May of 2011 and is very mischievous!  If he shouldn’t be doing something, you can count on him doing it. He loves Night at the Museum and Jurassic Park. He spends most days longing to get the iPad away from his big brother and making messes all over the house.

Mike – Mike is a Pittsburgh native living in a Philly sports obsessed world. He is currently brainwashing my children into chanting “Let’s Go Pens!” and wouldn’t be caught rooting for any Philadelphia sports team.

Family Facts

  • Live in the Philly ‘Burbs
  • A mom, a dad, 2 boys, a fish and a frog

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