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all-Star Tips for Attending the Little League World Series

We attend the Little League World Series with all Laundry! All opinions and tips are our own.

Last week, we attended the Little League World Series for the first time ever! And I think, we may have just started a yearly tradition for our family. We had so much fun and watched some amazing baseball games. 

Before heading to Williamsport, I did some research about the tournament and how to get the most out of our experience. Between my research and our real life experience, there are some things you need to know before you go!

all-Star Tips for Attending the Little League World Series

Admission. Admission to the Little League World Series is always free! While tickets for certain sections of the stadiums are required, they are not required for certain other sections, or the terraces at Lamade Stadium. If you plan to watch the games from the terraced hills at Lamade Stadium, you may want to bring a small blanket or chairs for the hill. 

Prohibited Items. There is a long list of prohibited items at the Little League World Series. Make sure you read it through so you don’t hold up the security line. Some items include:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Aerosol Containers (even Spray Sunscreen!)
  • Beach Umbrellas
  • Containers of ANY liquid (again, even sunscreen!)
  • Large Bags/Coolers
  • Laser Pointers
  • Drones
  • Noise Makers
  • Baseball Bats
  • Weapons

You can see the full list here!

Parking. Parking lots are free, but you may have a hike. There is parking for a fee on private land/yards surrounding the complex. We found paying a small fee for parking ($5) got us closer to the complex which came in handy when it was raining!

Bring Cardboard. A tradition at Williamsport is sliding down the hill behind Lamare Stadium. If you forget cardboard, don’t worry! There are cardboard stations where you can grab some. And that brings us to…

Bring a change of clothes. The hill can get really muddy, especially when it rains! That’s when the kids ditch the cardboard and just slide right down through the mud. While the kids might not mind being caked in mud, you will when they go to get in your car later! Back a change of clothes, including socks and shoes, so you kids can get changed before getting in the car. 

Stop by the all® and Snuggle® booth, especially if your kids just slid down the hill! At the booth, the kids can play games and win prizes. You may just win some all and Snuggle to take home with you so you can clean all those muddy clothes!

all® and Snuggle® are the official Laundry sponsors for the Little League Baseball® World Series.  In fact, every uniform at the Little League Baseball® World Series is washed with all® and Snuggle® – keeping Little Leaguers clean and smelling fresh for game day. And this baseball mom can appreciate that! Those uniforms get pretty dirty – and stinky!

Sign up in advance for free wristbands for the family fun zone, where kids can play free games. The kids loved going through the family fun zone and collecting pins, getting fun pictures, and trying out new gear. 

Get To Games Early If You Want a Seat! If you want to sit in the stadium and not on the hill, you need to get to the games early to snag a seat. Seats are on a “first come/first serve basis.” When choosing a seat, be mindful of signage for families of the players. They will have these sections marked off. 

Sit by the players’ families. If you can snag these seats, do it! We had so much fun sitting with the Hawaiian team’s parents during their record 11 inning game. We learned about their good luck traditions and their chants. It was a great way to get the boys really into the game! 

We are already planning our trip to the Little League World Series for 2019! If you have the chance to attend, even for a day, do it! Between the talent, family fun, and the people you meet, it’s totally worth it! You won’t be disappointed. 

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