All Together Now


Me & Ethan

See that hair rubberband on my wrist. I always wear one. I feel lost and naked without it. You just never know when you might want to pull your hair back. My father joked that I would walk down the aisle wearing one. And you know what, I almost did. If it wasn’t for my lovely sister, I would have forgotten to take it off.

I was straightening up our bedroom last night and was putting away some things in the hubster’s catch all basket. I saw one of my hair rubberbands in there and I immediately knew which one it was.

Before the doctors whisked me off to have an emergency c-section, they had me take off all jewelry and accessories, including the hair rubberband. I gave all of the my stuff to the hubster to hold. Since I had to be put under general anesthesia, he could not be in the operating room and wasn’t present for the birth of E. As he anxiously waited to make sure that both E and I were ok, he held my hair rubberband. He was using it like worry beads.

After the surgery, I asked for it back because I was having hot flashes and needed to get my hair off my neck. He wouldn’t let me have it and said he would bring me back another one from the house. He wanted to keep it. It was his one connection to me while I was having an emergency surgery.

And he still has it.

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  1. Cute pic! And great story about your husband and the rubberband! That's so cute! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great day!

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