Appo: The Photo Organizers

If you are anything like me, you have shoe boxes crammed with photos. In no particular order. Shoved in a closet. Stuck on my hard drive. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to start the sorting, the filing, and the organizing. It’s all too overwhelming for me. I would get caught up in the memories and would be so distracted.

association of professional photo organizers

I tried scrapbooking, both physically and digitally. It was fine for a hot minute but then I lost interest.

I tried arranging the photos into albums as soon I got them. This worked but when you order hundreds of picture at a time, it gets tedious and that means I get bored.

For now, I have even given up on printing out pictures all together. Lame, I know.

But thankfully,I have found that there are professionals out there to help me {and you} with this massive problem that I have.

Enter, Appo, the Association of Professional Photo Organizers.

If you need help regaining control of your photos and memories like I do, there is an Appo member in your area that is ready to take on your challenge. The Photo Organizers work with you to sort through images, find connecting themes, neatly catalogue and edit them into photo narratives and albums that you will be proud to share! They are there to hold your hand through the process and keep you focused. Just what I need! The Photo Organizers are dedicated, independent business owners who transform your boxes of photos into family treasures.

Appo isn’t just about organizing photos. There are members that handle all sorts of photo management services. They range from professional organizers to photographers to personal historians to direct sellers to digital and traditional scrapbook designers to businesses that create photo slide shows, those who handle old home movie conversions and more.  Some typical services include organizing printed and digital photos, teaching organizing systems, installing backup systems including cloud storage, scanning, creating keepsake photo albums and photo gifts, wall art, etc.  Appo has a network of businesses that help support members so they always have a place to turn if the client is looking for a service they don’t offer.    Appo is a growing, vibrant community comprised of individuals and companies excited to make a difference in people’s lives everyday by preserving their memories and stories.

 Are you looking to start a new career? You can become an Appo member and help people in your area get a hold of their ever growing mountain of photos! As a small business owner, you will make your own hours and have the ability to decide how much work you take on. Your success is in your own hands. If you are interested in becoming an Appo member, take advantage of this amazing offer. For anyone signing up for membership and certification training that is purchased together at the same time,  use the code JUMPSTART100, and you’ll receive $50 off the cost of membership and $50 off the cost of certification.

Make sure to check out Appo founder, Cathi Nelson, and several Appo members in the May issue of Better Homes & Gardens!

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