Are You Going to Try for a Girl?

People, please. Stop the insanity!

Just because I have two boys does not mean that I am longing to have a little girl. Truth be told, I really don’t know what I would do with a girl. Ok, ok, I know what I would do but I just can not see myself as a girl mom. I am the furthest thing from being a girly girl. What girly wisdom would I have to impart on a daughter?

Now before you all go sending me hate mail, hear me out!

We all understand that there are gender “rules” in our society. Whether they are right or wrong, they exist. Do we all acknowledge this? Ok, good. Let’s continue.

That being said, of course, rules are meant to be broken. Hell, as stated above, I am the furthest thing from being a girly girl. I was a tom boy growing up. I grew up in a neighborhood that was predominately boys. What choice did I have? Either pick up a hockey stick and play with the boys or sit in the house and read a book. I choose to play {but I did read occasionally}. When the other girls were concerned about who was cute and who they wanted to have as their boyfriends, I was more concerned with the new hockey stick that Johnny got the other day.

Now that I am all grown up {scary thought}, I am seeing these societal “rules” playing out right in front of my eyes. E loves mud. E loves jumping in every single rain puddle he sees {even if only one centimeter of water makes up said rain puddle}. E loves cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Of course, girls can love these things, too. But, typically, we “assign” these traits to boys.

So when I think about what comes with having girls {the makeup, the bows, the drama!}, I don’t feel like I am missing out. Some people {my mother-in-law included} are dying for a girl in the family. Me, however, I couldn’t imagine my little family any other way.

So to answer your question, no, we are not going to try for a girl. Our family is complete. Our family is perfect just the way it is.


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  1. I get the same questions, but only in regards to boys. And, like you, I don’t think I’d know what to do with a boy. lol Whatever babies we have, boy or girl, it just seems like that was what was right for our family. Besides, it makes it easier since you already have everything! 🙂

  2. We get the same thing, but the other way, “Don’t you want a son?” My answer is always, “No, I want the children God planned for me. I’m blessed enough to have them right here. You?” Usually that shuts them up. I developed this line after a good friend’s lame husband came over for coffee after our second daughter was born knowing we weren’t planning on 3 and said, “Too bad it worked out that you didn’t get the “perfect” family”. I almost kicked him…my husband thankfully stepped in and fixed it.

  3. I have on boy right now but I would like a girl sometime. However, now that I’ve had the boy I’m not sure what I would do with a girl. I love makeup and girl things but I’m mostly a guys girl haha

  4. I get that question all the time. IF we do try (big IF) it’ll be for a baby. Boy/Girl, honestly we wouldn’t care. I have friends that are VERY open about announcing their preferred sex of their babies on facebook for all to see and I cringe!!!

  5. I have 3 boys and am pregnant now. I get the constant comments about this one being a girl. And yes, I’d love a daughter, but I just want a healthy happy baby, no matter the gender. Those comments are enough to drive me crazy!

    And truthfully, though I’m dying for a girl, after having 3 boys I don’t know what I’d do with a girl!!

  6. LOL Steph……that post is exactly how I feel! Right down to tomboy & only boys to play with. No girl for me!!!!!!!

  7. I am just the opposite, oh not that I didn’t grow up playing hockey with the boys, but I have two girls and I heaved a sigh of relief when each of them were born. I thought “Thank god! Now I don’t have to learn how to coach soccer!” Not my favorite thing (and of course I did end up coaching soccer because no one else would do it–I have to say it was a funny sight, but we all learned together!) But my point is I wanted girls. Not that I would have sent back a boy buy I love shopping for girls (even if it is overalls) and I always threaten my friends when they get pregnant that they REALLY want to have a girl since I’ve already bought them a dress! (Not really but…it is a good threat). I’ve just never been a ‘boy mom’ I love being the mom of two girls. Not to say it doesn’t have it’s ups and downs but they’re mine and I adore them!

  8. I get the “are you going to try for a boy” ALL.THE.TIME. Just because we have FIVE girls doesn’t mean we *need* or *want* a boy. I have a number of friendly but firm responses. Like you with your boys, I don’t know what I’d do with a boy. Luckily, my girls are not all girly-girl. We have a good mix of athletic/tomboys with a touch of girly. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

  9. Seriously, I wish strangers would just stop asking intrusive personal questions like this. I get “isn’t it time to consider a brother or sister for her” all the time now that my daughter is 2. And then when I tell people we’re fine with one, I get lectured about how it’s awful to not have siblings. WTF? Don’t people realize there might be the possibility that someone can’t just have another baby, easy peasy? Or that their family is just right? GRRR> major pet peeve of mine.

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