Get Ready for Back to School with a Homework Caddy

If you’re looking to add a little organization in your school and homework days, put together a little homework caddy. It’s a great way to get your kids ready for school and keep them organized all school year long.


I will admit I am not the best at being organized but I do true! There are small palces around the house that you will find my organizational skills to work, like this homework caddy. 

When it’s homework time, we are always looking for a sharpened pencil, a glue stick that wasn’t dried out, or crayons that weren’t broken. Enter the homework caddy! 

How to Make a Back to School Homework Caddy

To help me be a little bit more organized, I decided to put together a Homework Caddy. A dedicated organizer with all the supplies we would need to complete homework and projects for the upcoming school year. This means I buy doubles of all of our must-have supplies for school. This way I knew I would have them on hand at home.

homework caddy-6

Start with a caddy. You need a decent size caddy: not too big and not too small. The best caddy I found was a shower caddy that many college students grab when headed back to school

Use pencil cups or pails. To further organize your caddy,  use a few pencil cups or pails to keep pencils, pens, and markers together and the other for small items like scissors, glue sticks, and erasers. They fit perfectly into the caddy!

homework caddy-1

Fill ‘er up! Once I had those set up, I thought of other things that we needed to keep in our homework caddy. I grabbed the pencil sharpener (because there’s always a pencil that needs sharpened!) and crayons. I also put some blank paper on a clipboard that can be used as scrap paper or drawing paper. 

Other supplies include: 

  • Post-it® Notes
  • Glue Sticks
  • Erasers 
  • Scissors
  • Highlighters

homework caddy-2

I put the finishing touches on my homework caddy by printing out a cute sign! Now nobody will be able to say they don’t know where the homework supplies are. And since the caddy is so portable, we can do homework almost anywhere!

homework caddy-7

Homework Caddy Essentials

Homework Caddy Essentials

Create your own Homework Caddy with all of these supplies!

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  1. This is such an amazing idea!! No more “I need this and I need that” excuses to get up from doing their work!! Everything is in one place!! Would be great to have on a desk or a homework nook free from distractions! Thanks for the great idea!! I pinned for later 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea! After school is always so busy anyways, there’s no time to be hunting around for supplies. This is so super cute, as well as handy! ~ Client

  3. I love your homework caddy idea. I try to have Post-it® Notes on hand at all times, I keep a pad in my purse. You never know when you’ll need a Post-it® Note.

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