Back to School Wardrobe Capsule for Boys

We went Back to School Shopping thanks to The Crossings Premium Outlets. All opinions are our own!

If you are anything like me, you dread Back to School clothes shopping. While I love to shop, I love to shop alone but when you are shopping for clothes for the kids, they kinda need to be there. So in order to make the process run smoothly, I have to do a little planning ahead. 

The number one thing I do before any clothes shopping trip is taking an inventory of what clothes my kids have (and fit) and what they will need for the upcoming school year. Taking an inventory of your clothes is really helpful when you don’t want to spend more than you need to or you are working on a tight budget.  This is the only way I know what fits, what matches, and what we need to add to our shopping list. I also check for worn knees in pants, stains and holes. 

Don’t forget to go through accessories as well! I also add a pack of socks and underwear to our list. I don’t know what happens to them during the school year but I feel like we are always running out! 


Now that we have our inventory on hand, it’s time to go shopping. Hitting the local outlets, like The Crossings Premium Outlets, is key! It’s one stop shopping. Plenty of stores to find what we need without having to drag the kids all around town. This keeps them interested and involved in shopping. 

So what was on our shopping list? This year, I decided to do a Wardrobe Capsule for the Boys. What does that mean? That means stocking up on the essentials so they can easily mix and match and get themselves dressed in the morning. Our favorite stores to shop at the Outlets are The Children’s Place, Gap Kids, Crocs, Carter’s and Columbia. Not only do I know I will get some great deals, they always have what I am looking for!

Back to School Wardrobe Capsule for Boys

back to school wardrobe capsule for boys


back to school wardrobe capsule for boys - shirts

  1. Carter’s Contrast Ringer TeeWe are a big fan of “plain” tees! 
  2. Gap Factory Long-Sleeve Henley
  3. Gap Factory Long-Sleeve Slub Pocket Tee
  4. Gap Factory Raglan Wicking Tee: Not only are these great for school but also for after school sports!
  5. The Children’s Place Short Sleeve Striped Polo: Any tees and pants from Children’s Place are great! This is where I get most of their clothes.


back to school wardrobe capsule for boys - pants

  1. Carter’s Fleece Active Pants
  2. Gap Factory Slim Straight Jeans
  3. Gap Factory Marled French Terry Pants
  4. The Children’s Place Herringbone Skinny Pants


back to school wardrobe capsule for boys - accessories

  1. Columbia Sportswear Outlet Northern Treck Upright Lunch Pack
  2. Crocs Santa Cruz Canvas Loafers: It’s hard to get the boys to wear dress shoes…but they don’t fight me on these!
  3. Columbia Sportswear Outlet Boy’s Watertight Jacket: It’s really easy to forget about cold weather wear when you are shopping on a hot summer day!


After a few hours, we had purchased everything off our list (and then some)! The boys were happy with their purchases and I could cross off one more thing on our Back to School to-do list!

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