Behind Every Avenger is a Superhero Mom

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It’s not easy being a Superhero Mom. Between Hulk smashing everything in the house and Thor leaving his heavy hammer laying around (I have to remind myself to make sure he puts that thing away before leaving for superhero school!), they sure do keep me busy. Being a Superhero Mom is an important job!

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A Superhero mom has to make sure that her Little Hulky brushes his teeth every night. I’m not liking the looks of them. When he’s angry and snarls, all I can think about is that Hulk is definitely not brushing his teeth every night. Don’t forget to floss!

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A Superhero mom also has to make sure her Avengers stay safe. That means always wearing his helmet when off riding his bike to his next mission. We wouldn’t want any accidents.

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And all good Superhero moms makes sure that the chores get done. When you have strong Hulk hands, you can help your momma pull the weeds in the garden. Pulling weeds is a great way to let off some steam like every Little Hulk needs to do from time to time.

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Or use your hammer to break up the rocks in the garden.

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One imporant part of a Superhero mom’s job is to make sure her Avengers stay in tip top crime fighting shape. We like to have smashing competitions to work on our hand-eye coordination. All you need are some ice cream cones and Hulk fists to smash. I like to place them on a baking sheet to try and control the mess. But when Hulk gets smashing, there is no stopping it!

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Thor needs to get in on the action too. Afterall, he needs to make sure he can lift that heavy hammer and smash!

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A Superhero Mom makes sure that her little Avengers can take on other roles as well. You never know when Captain Ameica might need a hand with his shield. What better way than with some target practice! Stack up the ice cream cones in a pyramid and fire away!

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And after every busy afternoon of fighting bad guys, a Superhero Mom always has snacks ready. Lots and lots of snacks. I have found that Avengers get really hungry and thirsty after their busy days. I may not be sure of everything they are off doing but I know when they come home to me, I need to make sure they get hydrated and replenished.

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Because behind every Avenger, there is a Superhero Mom!

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