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The Best Coffee Spots in Hershey

When visiting Hershey, Pa, don’t forget to check out some of the best coffee spots! You won’t be disappointed.


Let’s face it. Whenever I travel, I have to scope out all of the coffee spots! And there are quite a few places to grab a great cup of coffee when in Hershey, PA. 

And, since you are in Hershey, some of these coffees bring the best of both worlds together: coffee and chocolate. If anyone could put those two together perfectly, it’s Hershey! 

The Best Coffee Spots in Hershey

Cocoa Beanery – The Cocoa Beanery is always serving up something delicious! If I am staying on property at Hershey, I always start my morning with a Caramel Kiss Latte from the Cocoa Beanery. They have other Hershey inspired drinks like You can also grab a quick bite to eat for breakfast, lunch, or a late night snack!

There are a few locations for the Cocoa Beanery:

Chocolate World: There are a lot of sweet treats in Chocolate World that you are going to want to try. And you know what pairs perfectly with them? Nibby Coffee! Nibby Coffee is brewed over real cocoa nibs! I first tried a Nib during our Chocolate Lab Experience and, let me just tell you, I am going to be looking for more ways to incorporate them in my baking and drinks!

The Pantry Cafe  – The Pantry Cafe is located in the Hershey Story and is a little known place to not only grab a cup of coffee but also a bite to eat! While you’re there, try the Nitro Cold Brew! You can even get a Cold Brew Crowler to take some home with you!

Starbucks – You know I couldn’t leave Starbucks off this list! For now, you can pop into the new Starbucks location across the street from the Hershey Story. But Starbucks will be coming soon to Hersheypark! When Chocolatetown is completed, there will be a Starbucks located in Hersheypark! Now that’s what I call a match made in heaven!

And if you aren’t a coffee drinking, you have to grab a famous Hershey’s Hot Chocolate! There are tons of places where you can find hot chocolate!

Simply Chocolate in Hersheypark – You can get the mother of all hot chocolates here! There are several varieties to choose from like Peppermint, Caramel, Peanut Butter, and more!

All-Day Souvenir Mug – If you are visiting Hersheypark for the holidays, you need to grab an all-day souvenir mug! When you purchase the all day mug ($11.75), you will save with FREE refills on hot beverages all day! Plus, get .99-cent refills on future visits! If you are planning more than one trip during the holiday season, splurge for the all-season souvenir mug ($16.75). This will get you  FREE refills on hot beverages during the entire Christmas Candylane season!


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