Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I knew this day was coming. I just didn’t realize how hard it would be. I sent the dreaded “Ethan’s last day of school will be June 13” email.

His last day.

As in, never going back to that daycare ever again.

After looking at schedules and costs, we decided it would be best for Ethan to spend the summer at home with me and Ben. We have a ton of day trips and vacations planned and I really want to soak up all those days with him before we start the back to school shopping.

I honestly don’t know who this is going to be harder on, him or me. He has been at that daycare since he was 12 weeks old. Every teacher he has had there has been great and has helped shaped him into the little man that he is becoming. His current teacher is amazing and has helped him come out of his little shell.

ethan prek graduation-1

Most of all, it will be hard to watch him say good bye to his friends. Not one of them will be headed off to the same school with him in the fall. He asks me all the time if his best friends will be at his new school. And, with a heavy heart, I tell him no. I know this bothers him. I know he is worried.

I am worried too.

Thankfully, I do have the emails of most of the parents and we have talked about having play dates to keep the kids in touch.

But it won’t be the same.

I’ll miss seeing him run to his friends to tell them what Angry Birds level he beat last night.

ethan prek graduation-3

I’ll miss seeing him go off to the library center and read books with his pre-school sweetheart.

ethan prek graduation-8

But it’s all for good reasons. Soon, September will be here and I’ll be writing about how my baby is off to Kindergarten. He will quickly make new friends and there will be a new Kindergarten sweetheart.

Honestly, who told him he could grow up and go off to Kindergarten? I know I didn’t!

ethan prek graduation-11


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  1. Awww, it’s so hard, isn’t it. I’m dreading the day, thankfully we have one more year of preschool left. With Kevin it was different for us, so it wasn’t as traumatic, well, was, but for other reasons.

  2. Aw, you made my eyes well up a bit. Seriously…who told them they were big enough for kindergarten this fall?

  3. Oh, how sweet! I’ll be facing this in a year with my oldest and I am sure I will be super sad (but excited!) in the same ways you are…

  4. Oh, I tear up at the end of every semester, I don’t how it’d be if it was 6 years with the same team!! I totally get it…hope you’re able to keep in touch with some of his friends this summer. And Congrats to Ethan! BTW, K,1, and 2 are the fun years, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

  5. Aww thanks for sharing. My little one doesn’t start preschool for another year and I’m already emotional 😉 so much to look forward to!!

  6. The pages of our kids lives seem to be turning SO quickly. One minute they were this tiny new creature , the next they are teaching us a thing or two. He is adorable – hope you have a super-fun summer!

  7. He has grown up so fast this year it seems, while I watch him grow through your blog. What a big boy, but he is so cute and he will love spending time with all of you over the summer, i’m sure! Time sure does fly by.

  8. This was a big milestone for me, but I can tell you coming to the end of the first Kindergarten year, he made new friends, learned so much, and had a blast in general!

  9. That’s so sweet. Kindergarden is such an amazing year but I know the changes are tough. But really, when did he become such a big boy? Good luck mama!

  10. Change is so hard! C went last year to Kindergarten and I was so sad. G goes next year and I am even more sad. They had a fabulous preschool and I will miss it next year:( I feel for you!

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