Busy Little Bee.

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Today starts a busy weekend for me. It’s going to be pretty crazy.Friday

Let’s start with work shall we. Today, we are having an office-wide clean up. We have a pretty small office with too many people crammed in. All of our “junk” is everywhere. Today, we are pitching in and helping each other clean up and try to make more room.

After work, I’m headed to my sister’s to celebrate my nieces 4th birthday. On the way, we have to stop at Toys R Us to pick up her gift.


Saturday starts with a mini-session at the park with Nathan and Michael. Unfortunately, that session will probably get canceled due to the rain. 
Then, we have my niece’s children’s party at Bounce U. E will love that!After that, we have no plans! But I’m sure that will change.


Sunday, I have big session with Jenni and her family. I am so excited about this session! The weather is supposed to be so nice and she couldn’t have picked a better location. Stay tuned for more on that.

After Jenni’s session, there is a good possibility I will have another mini-session in the afternoon AND the makeup for Saturday’s mini-session.

Whew! I’m just tired typing all that!!

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