Candy Corn Bark

This Candy Corn Bark is a simple chocolate treat to put together quickly and a great way to use up that Candy Corn!



Raise of hands…who likes Candy Corn? I feel that candy corn is one of those things that you either really love or you really hate. If you fall into the really love category, you’ll love this Candy Corn Bark!

Candy Corn Bark features the best of two Halloween favorites: candy corn and chocolate! You can’t go wrong with it. Add in the crunch of the Rice Krispies and this crunchy, chewy bark is easy, fun, and festive. Warning: it’s super sweet! Perfect for candy corn lovers and those with a healthy sweet tooth.


Just like with any other bark, simply melt your chocolate in the microwave and pour onto a cookie sheet. I like to line my cookie sheet with parchment paper so there is no sticking!

You can get a little fancy and melt some white melting wafers to create a marbled look! Use a knife or toothpick to swirl the white chocolate into the melted chocolate chips. Top with some more Candy Corn for a festive treat!


This Candy Corn Bark is a simple addition to your Halloween Party! You can make this in less than 10 minutes and have a colorful treat to add to your dessert bar.


Candy Corn Bark

Candy Corn Bark


  • 3 cups of chocolate chips
  • ½ cup Rice Krispies
  • 1 cup of candy corn


  1. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave. Add the Rice Krispies and ½ cup of candy corn to the chocolate and stir. Spread on a non-stick cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and then top with the remaining candy corn. Let cool completely and break up into chunks to serve.

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