Capturing the Year Through Milestones

With the start of a new year comes new milestones and moments you will want to capture. First smiles, first steps, first day of school– we become delightfully obsessive about capturing all of our first child’s milestones.

But it shouldn’t stop there! With busy schedules and long to-do lists, capturing important moments seems to be the first thing we stop doing. Whether you’re a parent or not, we have to slow down every now and than and just take in the moments. From graduation to  weddings, grandbabies to first steps, to new or first jobs, these milestones should be preserved and celebrated!

Capturing the Year Through Milestones

The first picture


With Ethan, we didn’t have any pictures of us as a family right after he was born. So when it was time to have Ben, this was the one thing I had to have. Before they took me into the OR for my c-section, I jokingly (ok I was serious) if the lighting in the OR was similar to the lighting in the Non-Stress Test Room. I know priorities right? I had the camera all set up so we could have this picture.

The first steps


You expected a video of my little walking didn’t you? True, most parents video tape the first steps but I grabbed the camera when my little one first tried to master the steps! It didn’t take him long to figure that one out.

The first birthday


Is there anything better than a baby covered in cake? I will admit. I don’t know what I was thinking using red icing on my son’s smash cake at his First Birthday party. It was a pain to clean up but it made for some great photos! Cake smashes are the best because they are so simple. A baby and a cake. You never know what their reaction is going to be and 9 times out of 10, it’s priceless!

The first day of school

first day of school

Every mother embarrasses their child by making them take a First Day of School picture. And yes, I am one of those mothers. I love to compare the pictures each year to see how much they’ve grown over the school year. When it comes times for graduation (because the years are going to fly by quickly), this would make a great poster or book for your child.

The everyday milestones


It doesn’t have to be a special occasion for it to be a milestone. There are moments every day that should be celebrated, like writing our name for the first time, reading a book, riding a “big boy” bike,  going on the potty like a big boy, or getting hit in baseball!



Senior pictures have become another of my current favorite sessions. Mom usually stands to the side and tries not to get teary eyed. These are a great time to show off the subjects interests and personality. It’s also time to have a little fun!

While you may not be celebrating a traditional milestone, like a first step or graduation, an every day milestone is just as important because of the importance to you. And for that reason alone, it should be celebrated!

There will many milestones to celebrate this year so make sure that your camera is close by to grab!

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