‘Cause I really want to know

It’s time again to answer some more of your questions.

Angel: Would you like to make HTML blog design your full job?

Me: Hell to the no! I love playing around and designing for people here and there. But I can’t get my geek on 24/7. Just can’t do it! Plus, I wouldn’t have any time to post here.

Kelly: How long have you been blogging?

Me: My first blog post was on January 10, 2005 and then it sat for over a year. I began blogging regularly when I got pregnant with E. I used the blog to journal my pregnancy and share my baby stuff with the women I met on a mommy message board (aka Jenni). When E was born, I started another blog to keep family up to date on his NICU stay. It was difficult maintaining 2 blogs so that one no longer exists. Family now gets Shutterfly updates and you get me.

Becki: What kind of music do you like?

Me: The short answer: everything but country. I grew up with an eclectic taste in music. My pre-teen/teen years were the time of grunge and gangsta rap. So naturally I listened to both. College brought on the singer/song writers and I kinda mellowed out. Kinda. Now I have satellite radio and it helps foster my hodge podge of favorites. I usually flip between today’s music, 90s, Broadway show tunes, and the Coffee House. I told you it was eclectic.

Katie: How did you get into photography?

Me: I owe it all to E. Shortly after he was born, the hubster bought me a decent digital camera. Not the grown up one I have now, but it was so much better than the little point and shoot I had. I just loved taking his picture and capturing all those small milestones. I began reading up on photography and teaching myself. Soon friends and family were asking me to take their kid’s pictures. And that brings me today. I am still snapping away, still learning, still loving what I do.

Still haven’t come out of the bushes and revealed yourself? Why the heck not? Here’s your last chance! Leave a comment answering the following questions:

1. How did you find me?
2. What is your favorite cereal?
3. Pink or purple? You must choose one.
4. What is the last thing that you ate?
5. Ask me anything!

 I am really loving to get to know my stalkers!

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