Celebrate National Donut Day with Irresistible Treats and Freebies!

Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a delectable, fluffy donut with a sweet glaze or a creamy filling? National Donut Day is the perfect occasion to indulge in these delightful treats while honoring the historical significance of this beloved pastry.

This annual celebration, held on the first Friday of June, brings together donut enthusiasts across the nation to enjoy and appreciate these iconic treats.

The Origins of National Donut Day

National Donut Day has a fascinating history rooted in a desire to recognize the contributions of the Salvation Army’s “Donut Lassies” during World War I. These brave women volunteered to provide comforting treats and emotional support to soldiers on the front lines. The Salvation Army created National Donut Day in 1938 to honor their efforts and raise funds for charitable causes. Since then, it has become a cherished tradition celebrated by donut enthusiasts nationwide.

Where to Find Free Donuts:

Dunkin’: As one of the most well-known donut chains in the United States, participating Dunkin’ locations nationwide are offering guests a free classic donut of their choice with the purchase of any beverage, while supplies last, on Friday, June 2.

Krispy Kreme: Krispy Kreme has been delighting donut lovers for decades with its melt-in-your-mouth creations. On National Donut Day, get a free doughnut of any kind. No purchase necessary. Also buy any dozen donuts and get a dozen original glazed donuts for $2. 

Duck Donuts: Get a free cinnamon sugar donut on Friday, June 2, in Duck Donuts shops. No purchase necessary.

Taco Bell: Yes, you read that right. Even Taco Bell is getting in on the festivities. Get free Cinnabon Delights on Friday with any order of $20 or more on DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates and GrubHub. Just add Cinnabon Delights (2 pack) to your cart.

Tim Horton’s: Get a free donut Friday if you buy any sized hot or iced beverage using the Tim Hortons app or online at timhortons.com.

Local Bakeries and Cafes: National Donut Day isn’t just about the big chains. Many local bakeries and cafes also participate in the festivities by offering free or discounted donuts. Check with your favorite neighborhood spots to see if they have any special promotions for this sweet occasion.

Social Media Contests: Keep an eye on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as many donut shops and brands run contests and giveaways leading up to National Donut Day. By following your favorite donut establishments and engaging with their posts, you might just win yourself some free donuts!

National Donut Day is a joyous celebration that allows us to appreciate the tasty, round wonders that have brought smiles to our faces for generations. Whether you’re a fan of classic glazed donuts, prefer the cream-filled variety, or enjoy the novelty of uniquely flavored creations, this day is all about indulgence and treating yourself.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the first Friday of June, and take advantage of the various places where you can score free donuts. Remember to spread the word and share the happiness with your friends and family so that they can join in the festivities as well. Happy National Donut Day!

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