Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox

Parents everywhere are scrambling to “help” their child make a Valentine Mailbox. With some kraft paper and washi tape, you can make this Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox in less than 15 minutes.

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It’s that dreaded time of year. Valentine Mailbox season. If you are lucky, your child gave you enough notice of when this masterpiece was due. Or, if you have an awesome teacher, she sent home a letter last week and then followed up with reminders each day. Love those teachers!

Thankfully, we have had plenty of time to get our Valentine Mailbox completed. Although we did have to wait until all of the orange juice was gone! While we were waiting, my son and I scoured Pinterest in search of the perfect Valentine Mailbox.

It really didn’t shock me when he landed on a Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox. After all, we are handing out Star Wars: The Force Awakens Valentines, why not go all the way the theme! I did a little tweaking to the original we saw and in about 15 minutes, we created an awesome Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox!

chewbacca valentine mailbox

Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox

To make a Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox, you will need the following supplies:

Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox Instructions

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Start by washing out your empty orange juice or milk container. Make sure it’s dry inside before you start. Cut out a rectangular hole in the front big enough to fit Valentines.

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Taking your brown craft paper, wrap the container like you would a present.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-3

Fold the bottom edges first. Stand your container upright and let the paper fold along the lines of the top of the container.

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Next, cut out the same rectangular hole from the craft paper. Don’t worry about it being perfect! You will hide that in the next step.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-5

Using black washi tape, outline the rectangle and fold the edges under. This will create Chewbacca’s mouth.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-6

Using the silver washi tape, cut out small triangles for his teeth.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-10

Again, using the black washi tape, create Chewbacca’s holster. Place a strip of the silver tape in the middle.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-8

Decorate with three red heart stickers down the holster.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-9

Now, it’s time to give Chewy a face. Place two large googly eyes at the top of the container.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-11

Place an upside down foam heart for his nose.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-12

To give the effect of fur, use a black crayon and place random lines on the craft paper.

chewbacca valentine mailbox-21

Your Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox will be the hit of the Valentine’s Day classroom party!

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Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas? Make sure you follow my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board. Don’t forget to pin this Chewbacca Valentine Mailbox so you can create your own!

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