Chrysler Pacifica: The Mother of All MiniVans

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Twenty something Steph is totally ashamed of thirty-four year old Steph right now. Before I even had kids (I know), I swore I’d never be a minivan. I equated minivan moms to soccer moms and helicopter moms (before that was even a term) and I was never going to be one of those moms.

Never say never, right.

Well thirty-four year old Steph is a soccer mom (and a baseball mom) and PTA treasurer and is the mom that can’t say no when someone asks for help and she’s now a minivan mom (well, almost).


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to test drive a Chrysler Pacifica for a week. I knew I would like the minivan but I wasn’t prepared for how much I fell love in with the minivan. I had always thought I would be an SUV mom but now I am not so sure.

If I had to pick just one feature I love about the Pacifica, I couldn’t. So the boys and I put together this quick video to showcase our favorite features.

Our Favorite Features of the Chrysler Pacifica


The quietest vehicle in it’s class! (because driving with the kids is loud enough): When I say quiet, I mean it! I had always heard abotu this quiet vehicle nonsense (my SUV is kinda loud) and I was blown away with how quiet the Pacifica is. We’re talking no highway noise, either!


Stow n’ Go seating, storage and cargo system with Assist feature: I don’t know how liked this feature more, me or the kids. At a push of the button, you can put down the 3rd row for extra storage and is so easy the kids can do it! You can also store the 2nd row for whne hauling those huge Christmas presents home.


Stow n’ Vac – great for quick cleanups: I mean this sold me! No more having to make time to go to the car wash to use the vacuum to clean out your car. Kids spill some popcorn? Suck it right up! You can detail your car whenever, whereever.

8 passenger seating: While we only have the 2 kids, there are many times I have to cart around at least 4. And that makes for a very cramped ride in my SUV. With the Pacifica, everyone has enough space and is comfortable and no fighting. I didn’t hear “he touched me” once while driving the Pacifica.


360 Surround View Camera: This camera is a genius. No literally a genius. I am used to a backup camera on my SUV but now that I’ve used 360 surround view camera, wow! There are so many things I miss when driving.


uConnect Theater System: If the kids had to pick their favorite feature, this would be it! Two 10” touchscreens that provide integrated kids game Apps, an ‘Are We There Yet’ trip tracker, wireless streaming, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and Blu-Ray connectivity.


Handsfree ‘Just Swipe Your Foot’ lift gate: It’s the little things really. Hands full? Just swipe your foot along the back or sides of the car and the doors magically open! (And I also love that I can do everything from the key fob!)


If you are looking for the ultimate family-friendly car, the Pacifica is it! From Stow N’ Go seating to an in-vehicle vacuum, the Pacifica has everything parents need to get through the holidays…and the rest of the year! Nappa Leather-Trimmed seats provide comfort and style for mom and dad, while the Tri-Pane Panoramic Sunroof lets kids in the 2nd and 3rd row seats gaze out and day dream!

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