Craft Stick Initial Plaque

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Now that my little guy is done pre-school for the year, it’s time for me to ramp up the activities! I have learned pretty quickly that he loves to do crafts and more so loves to paint. So I am giving into his painting demands and letting him go to town.

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Craft Stick Initial Plaque

Supplies Needed:craft stick initial plaque-1

Craft Sticks – I got mine from the Dollar Store
White Glue
Painter’s Tape – You can use masking tape if you don’t have Painter’s Tape handy.
Craft paint

Lay several craft sticks out side by side until they are the length of a craft stick. For us, that was 11 craft sticks. Make sure you push them close together so you don’t have any gaps. Once you have your craft sticks arranged, glue two crafts sticks crosswise on your sticks.

craft stick initial plaque-2

Use painter’s tape or masking tape to mark off your letter. If you have rounded letters to do, like Bs and Ds, you’ll have to get creative and cut out the shape in the tape.

 craft stick initial plaque-3

 Now that you have your letters taped out, it’s time to paint! You want to make sure you are using washable paints because you know how the kids like to get messy when painting!

craft stick initial plaque-4

 Now it’s time for the hard part — waiting for the paint to dry! But you want to make sure the paint is dry before attempting to peel the tape off. Go make lunch or have a snack while you wait. Carefully, peel the tape off the craft sticks to reveal your letters.

craft stick initial plaque-5

If you have trouble removing the tape, use a craft knife to help you lift up the edges.

 craft stick initial plaque-6

Your kids will be so proud of their Craft Stick Initial Plaques when they are done!

craft stick initial plaque-8

If you want, you can attach some string to the back and hang them up. I think we may turn ours into magnets. All you need is an adhesive magnet strip for the back!

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