How to #CramACamry: Here’s What $25 ‘CAN’ DO

A few weeks, Toyota challenged me to collect as much food for my local food pantry in one week. They provided me with a 2015 Toyota Camry to fill and I glady accepted the challenge.


With the help of Sarah of Philly Burbs Mom, we parked the Camry in a local parking lot and had people meet us to donate.

I’m at My Gym in Lionville collecting donations for @philabundance. Come help me #CramACamry!

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And they came!

Thanks @donnareedsteph for taking time out this morning to help me #CramACamry! A photo posted by Stephanie (@thestephglover) on

And we crammed!


After our little event, I knew I wanted to do more. So I gave myself another challenge! Off I went to the store to see just how much $25 would buy. How much food could I buy for $25 for my local food pantry?

Wanna know a little secret? It can buy a lot!

How much CAN $25 do?

How to #CramACamry (1)

It bought:

  • 4 boxes of Mac-n-Cheese
  • 2 bags of Instant Potatoes
  • 1 box of Instant Rice
  • 2 Boxes of Pasta
  • 1 box of Saltine Crackers
  • 2 boxes of Stuffing
  • 1 jar of gravy
  • 1 box of Scalloped Potatoes
  • 17 cans of a variety of canned goods

Now imagine if everyone took $25 out of their budget and donated all of that food to their local food pantries. Shelves wouldn’t be bare and supplies wouldn’t be low. If you don’t know what to buy to donate, check out my list of 10 Things Every Food Pantry Needs.

Remember, this isn’t something to just remember during the holidays! Food pantries need doantions all year round. Yesterday, we dropped four boxes of donations off at our local food pantry.

But I couldn’t have done it by myself! A big thank you to the Toyota Dealership Association of Philadelphia for challenging me to help haul away hunger! Thanks to Confessions of a Stay-Home-Mom, Eco Incognito, and PreK for PA for braving the cold and dropping off donations. And finally, thank you to Philly Burb Moms for helping me organize our food drive!

About Haul Away from Hunger

Nearly one million people in the Delaware Valley face hunger every day, and this holiday season Toyota wants to give you the keys to help.

The Toyota Dealership Association of Philadelphia is sponsoring Philabundance’s annual food drive, and we’d love to offer you a Toyota for a weekend to do your own philanthropic work. Here’s how you can help:

  • Share the story: Inspire your network of readers to raise funds to provide meals for families in the Delaware Valley.
  • Engage the community: Encourage local businesses and organizations to donate to Philabundance – $1,000 buys one pallet of food for Philabundance
  • Offer support: If you’re able, donate non-perishable foods or money (and use the loaned Toyota to transport these items to Philabundance!)

Donations of all amounts will be accepted and recognized in program literature, and any funds raised of $100+ will be matched by the Philadelphia Toyota Dealers Association!

Still not convinced? Individual contributions make up more than 60 percent of Philabundance’s funding, and in 2013 we gathered enough food to fill 48 Toyota Tundras!

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